Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Time to Begin

My sister, TCC, has been asking me for many months when I would start a blog. My answer has been, "it is not God's timing yet." Well, I have felt a release to start my blog today. I am excited to begin a blog, so that I am able to document what is going on in my life and my thoughts.

I have decided to name the blog "Promises Fulfilled" because the Lord has fulfilled so many promises in my life already - He is faithful, and sometimes I need a little reminder of His faithfulness. So, the title of my blog will remind me that He is faithful - all of the time.

So, who am I? I have been married for almost 5 years! I have a sweet little son who is almost 17 months old, and I am about 8 weeks pregnant today! I enjoy scrapbooking, talking with friends (not really on the phone though), spending time with my DH and my family - immediate and extended. I am trying to get organized, and I have a desire to learn what my style is and to eventually start to decorate my house! I love the Lord and desire to serve Him with all of my heart - even when I am tired! As time goes on, I am sure that you will learn more about me, as I learn more about myself.

My husband will be referred to as Dawson. Many people have told him that he looks like Dawson (James VanderBeek), from the (old) show Dawson's Creek. There are many funny stories that we have had with people who thought that my DH looked like James VanderBeek. One that sticks out in my mind occurred in Michael's Arts and Crafts store. Dawson and I were walking around (about 3 years ago, give or take), and two pre-teens (?) kept looking at him and giggling. At first I was like - what in the world - and then we realized that they probably think that he looks like Dawson. When we went to check out at the register, the silly, giggly girls were two people in front of us. One of the girls finally said to Dawson, "did anyone ever tell you that you look like Dawson?" My husband is one that really does not like all of that attention, but he replied, "yes, they have." And then the girl said, "well, don't worry, he is really good looking - he's on FIRE!" (but they said it so it sounded like FIYA). Then, they walked out of the store. It was a very funny incident, and made us, and the other customers chuckle, and my DH turn a little red. So, Dawson is a fitting name for him.

My sweet little boy is almost 17 months old. I have been trying to come up with a name for him on my blog: Little Pumpkin or Sweet Pea, but those are names that I will most likely call my second little baby also. So, my DH came up with the name Brady. Although I grew up as a Giants fan - and I still do like them, my DH is a Patriots fan, and I have come to enjoy this team also. The first gift that DH gave to Brady was a Patriots jersey with Tom Brady's number and name on it. So, Brady it will be.

I am thankful to the Lord for giving me a wonderful husband, who loves the Lord and me so much - and who gives Brady his baths! I am also thankful for my little Brady, who has the joy of the Lord in his life - and it spills out on to others. My dad, mom and sister, have always been such an important part of my life, and I am very thankful for them - more on all of that in another post.

So, today is a day that I have sprouted new wings and I am ready to fly off on this new adventure that God has me on.


TCC said...

Hooray!!! I am so happy to READ about my lil' sis, Dawson and Brady. Whenever you give me the "OK", I can introduce the new names of my lil' bro and lil' JB and my lil' sis' new blog!!!

Grammie said...

I enjoyed reading your blog and am very, very excited about meeting my new little grandson or granddaughter - which ever the Lord chooses to bless us with! Children truly are very precious gifts from the Lord! We love little Brady to pieces and are looking forward to hugging and loving his little baby brother or sister as well! Can hardly wait!!!


On Fire For Him said...

Welcome! I am excited to read your blog!!!

Melissa said...

welcome to our world of spending way too much time on our 'puters "blobbing"!

I'm anxious to hear about "promises fulfilled"!