Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review and GIVEAWAY: Crest and Oral-B

Update: thank you to all who entered the giveaway!  Using, the winning comment was #6!  Congrats to Emily B.!  I will be contacting you soon!

Happy New Year!  Since 2006, the new year always starts off with a "Bang" and lots of cake in our home!  On January 2, 2006, our first son was born!  Two years and 6 days later, our second son was born on January 8th!  I have already made 3 birthday "treats" - a double layered cake for New Years' Day, an Oreo cookie dessert for January 2nd, and cupcakes for my son to share with his classmates today (January 3rd)!  I am glad that there is a little break for the cake making...but there are at least 4 more cakes/desserts that I will be making.  Yes, FOUR!  If you want to know why there are four, here is your answer: one for our January 8th birthday, each son will have a birthday party later in January (so, that is 2 more) and then we will be celebrating the boys' birthdays with one set of grandparents on another day!  That is a LOT of sugar!

When kids are eating SO MUCH SUGAR, you can't help but think about their teeth, and making sure that they brush!  Crest and Oral-B recently sent me some toothbrushes, toothpaste and flossers for my kids to try out.  Let me tell you, my kids are SO excited to get new, cool toothbrushes and I think that it also makes them want to brush their teeth.
Isn't he a cutie!!!
Here are a few tips to help continue to keep your teeth healthy:

1. Brush as quickly as you can after you eat.  If you cannot brush right away, then be sure to rinse/swish your mouth out with water as soon as you are able to.

2. When choosing foods to serve at a party or a snack, fruit and cheese are better options than chips and crackers - which may stay in your teeth longer and lead to tooth decay.

Are you ready for a GIVEAWAY???

Crest and Oral-B would like to give one of my readers the chance to win a toothbrush, toothpaste and flossers that are age appropriate for your child!

GIVEAWAY: You may enter the giveaway by completely one or all of the following:

1. Entry #1 - This Entry is required: Leave a comment telling me what your favorite snack it, how old your child is and gender of child.

2. Entry #2 - Like Crest on facebook.  Leave a separate comment telling me that you did this.

3. Entry #3 - Like Oral- B on facebook. Leave a separate comment telling me that you did this.

4. Entry #4 - Share this giveaway on facebook - be sure that there is a link to this post.  Leave a separate comment telling me that you did this.

This giveaway will be open until Thursday, January 10th at 10pm EST and is open to all residents of the USA.

Note: Crest/Oral-B did supply our family with their products, but all comments and review of the products are completely mine!