Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shaklee: My Thoughts and a Giveaway

Update:  Thank you to all who entered the giveaway...and I have news.  Shaklee has extended their offer:  You can join Shaklee as a Member for FREE during the month of May! ($19.95 value), with ANY product purchase (no strings attached!)  

The winner have been chosen, they are:
#5 Nonya
#13 Jessica P
#20 Maura - if you see this Maura, you have 48 hours to provide a way for me to contact you, otherwise, I will be choosing another winner!


Growing up, I had to take vitamins everyday.  They were not just any vitamins.  My parents (well, mom was in charge of the food, etc.) did not want us to take in artificial sweeteners, extra sugar or artificial colors and flavors, so we were given Shaklee children's vitamins...and that is what I am giving to my children today - naturally sweetened, colored with vegetable juice and naturally flavored!  I feel good about feeding those vitamins to my kids, especially since they are getting 19 essential nutrients for healthy development.  It may cost a little more than what you will find in the grocery store, but I believe that it is worth it!

My kids take these vitamins!
Shaklee does not only provide vitamins for your family's health.  You can also purchase cleaners to clean every part of your home that are natural, nontoxic, and they do not have harmful fumes or hazardous chemicals in them - which means that your children can easily help out with cleaning jobs around the house!  One of their cleaners that I love is their Basic H2 Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate.
Shaklee H2 Concentrate
Basic H2 is one of the most versatile cleaners that I own.  One 16oz. bottle of concentrate will make 48 gallons of super safe, really powerful all-purpose cleaners, because you only need to add 1/4 tsp. of the concentrate to 16oz. of water!  That is definitely a frugal way to purchase cleaners for your home!  There are two other dilutions that you can make from it:  Add 1-2 drops to 16oz. of water and you have a cleaner for your windows, mirrors or you can use it to clean your fruits and is safe and effective!  If you have a really tough job, then add 1 1/2 tsp. of the concentrate to 16oz. of water, and you will instantly have an awesome degreaser.  This cleaner is nontoxic, natural, doubly concentrated, and is safe for the environment.  (If you don't win the giveaway, I would highly suggest you purchase some and try it out for yourself!  It is one purchase that I do not think that you would regret!).  Check this out: Shaklee Videos: Get Clean.  

My sister sells Shaklee and wanted to offer a sample of the Basic H2 for you to try out.  The sample has enough concentrate in it to make one 16oz. container of the All-Purpose cleaner AND one 16oz. container of the Windows/Mirrors/Fruit & Veggie cleaner!  There will be THREE winners for the giveaway!  How exciting is that!  If you are chosen as the winner, you will need to be sure that you have 2 spray bottles that are empty so that you can make your solution! (I bought one at Lowe's for $0.98 - and it works great...just be sure to label it!).

Special Offers for EVERYONE:
1. You can join Shaklee as a Member for FREE during the month of April ($19.95 value), with ANY product purchase (no strings attached!)
2. The lifetime Membership will give you 15% off the SRP - you will always pay the lower price for any Shaklee product
3. You can see some other benefits that my sister listed out here on her blog

**If you want to make a purchase in April, I can send you a special link in an email which will give me a $25 credit towards any purchase that I will make...and you can still get a FREE lifetime membership when you make your purchase!  You don't have to do this, but I figured that I would let you know about this offer for current member, like me!**  Let me know if you would like an email!

The Giveaway:
THREE winners will receive a sample of the Basic H2!  Here is how you can enter:
1. Entry #1: Go to my sister's Shaklee website and leave a comment telling me which cleaning product you would like to try!

2. Entry #2: Like Campbell Wholesome Living on FB and come back and leave a comment telling me that you did it!

3. Entry #3: Follow my sister's blog, "Campbell's Wholesome Living" and come back and leave a comment telling me that you did it!

4. Entry #4: Watch this video: Shaklee Videos: Get Clean  After you watch it, leave a comment that you did and earn an extra entry!

5. Entry #5: Share about this giveaway on FB, which includes a link to this post, and come back and leave a comment telling me that you did it!

**This Giveaway will end on Tuesday, May 1st at 9pm.  I will choose 3 winners using  The free membership offer ends on April 30th at midnight, so if you have been thinking about joining, this would be a great month to join!  Good luck!**

*I was not compensated in any way for writing this post - I enjoyed doing this for my sis!  All reviews and comments are 100% mine!*

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

McCormick Spring Giveaway and a Pinterest Contest!

**Update:  Using, the winning comment was #8 - Debi R. you are the winner of this great prize package! Happy Baking!**

I LOVE SPRING!  The warm weather, flowers blooming, going for a walk without a jacket on, spending time outside...the list can go on and on!

I also LOVE when I am contacted by McCormick to host a giveaway on my blog...this time, it is a "Spring Giveaway," and there are SO many goodies that were sent to me...and one of my readers will win this same package of goodies!

Yes, one of you will receive this giveaway!
So, what are you going to do with all of these goodies, you ask?  Why not enter a contest on Pinterest that is being hosted by McCormick - It is called the "Spring Pin-spiration Contest"!  Below is the "low down" of how to enter!  I am so excited to participate in this contest!

Isn't this a great contest to enter...well, that is, if you are on Pinterest!  LOL

McCormick has some great spring recipes for you to take a look at on their "Look Book" on their website.  There are SO many delicious looking recipes to try out...I am wondering how I will only choose 5 to pin on my McCormick board!!!  However, I am going to do it...I think that I am going to have to try out a recipe that involves the use of my new 3 qt. baking dish and my new cupcake liners...maybe even a new cut out cookie recipe so that I can try out the new cookie cutters that were sent to me!  There will be 25 winners from the "Spring Pin-spiration Contest" - I hope that you are one of them!

The Giveaway hosted on this blog (1 winner):

Would you like a chance to win one of the spring baking kits that is pictured above?  Great!  Here are a few ways that you can enter:
1. Entry #1: Leave a comment on my blog and tell me what one of your favorite recipes is.

2. Entry #2: "Like" McCormick on facebook.  Leave a separate comment telling me that you completed this.

3. Entry #3: Share about this giveaway on facebook, be sure that there is a link back to this blog post.  Leave a separate comment telling me that you completed this.

This giveaway will close on Friday, April 20th at 9pm.  A winner will be chosen using  Good luck and have fun!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

You Never Know Who You Might Meet!

This morning I went into our local food store to do some shopping.  I decided to sit down in the cafe and look over my list before I went shopping...and no, I did not get a coffee or something to eat - just needed to regroup!  There was one "gas deal" that I was thinking about doing - where you had to buy 4 items and then you would receive 20 cents off per gallon of gas that you would purchase.  I only had 2 coupons toward 2 items, and I wished that I had 2 more coupons, so that I would get a really good deal.  So, I decided to go to that aisle and look to see if someone happened to leave any coupons behind...once in a while that happens.  I decided that I would do that deal only if I could find 2 more coupons.

When I got there, I encountered something that I have heard about, but have not actually met...a type of extreme couponer!  She was grabbing some of the items and somehow we struck up a conversation.  She asked me if I had coupons for the items that we were both interested in (and there were plenty of them - we were not "fighting" over them!).  I told her that I only had 2 coupons.  She told me that she had a lot of coupons, so she could give me 2 more!  I could not believe my ears!  She was an answer to a little prayer!  So, I decided to tell her, "You are an answer to my prayers!"  I felt kind of awkward saying that- but it was true!  Her reply back to me was, "No one has ever said that to me before!"  I responded back, "Well, you are!"  She then asked me if I wanted some more coupons to do the deal again, so I said sure, and she gave me four more coupons - I think that she must have had about 50 or more of those joke!  She told me that she does not pay for her gas any more.  She gets enough of the deals to pay for her gas, and then she keeps some of the products that she purchases and donates some of it to a local food bank.  Between her husband and her, she was definitely getting free gas this weekend!  Interesting concept, but not really for me...I was happy with the 2 deals that I was able to get...and 40 cents off on the gallon!  :)

I was really excited - my little "prayer" was answered to "find" more coupons, and then I was able to tell that lady something that she never heard before - that SHE was an answer to a prayer...and I think that it was more important for her to hear that, than for me to get a couple of coupons.

What interesting thing had happened to you recently?

**Don't forget to enter the Crest/Oral-B giveaway - you can ALWAYS use a free toothbrush (and other products to take care of your teeth!), so why not enter!**

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review, Giveaway, and a chance to go to the 2012 Summer Olympics: Crest Pro-Health Plaque Control

*Update: Congrats to commenter #1 - Nonya, you will be receiving the new line of products from Crest and Oral-B!*

Easter is right around the corner!  We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Day, and along with the celebration comes a delicious meal and dessert with plenty of family gathered together.  Dessert always includes items that contain some sort of sugar, and we do not want that sugar to stay on our teeth for too long...very bad for the teeth!  Unfortunately, my teeth can attest to that!!!

Taking care of my children's teeth and my own teeth is very important to me.  I do not want my kids to get cavities in their beautiful teeth and I do NOT want anymore cavities in mine!  Growing up, I brushed my teeth, but one thing that I was missing was the flossing.  I suppose I did not understand the purpose of flossing - I thought that brushing alone would be fine...well, maybe if my teeth did not touch each other!  For the past few years, I have been consistent in flossing my teeth daily and I have not had any new cavities that have formed - YAY!

Crest has recently come out with a new product line which reduces plaque and helps prevent it from coming back...which to me means it may even help to decrease the chance of cavities from forming in my teeth.  The new product line is called Crest and Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Plaque Control - and it is pictured in the photo below.  I received each item that is pictured in the photo and had a chance to try it out.  The Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex Toothbrush has a flexible head, so that it can get to each part of each tooth and it is definitely different - but I really liked it and I do feel that it does a great job of getting to each part of each tooth.  I REALLY like Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Clinical Protection floss - it is my favorite kind!  I feel that my teeth are definitely clean after flossing with it.  I decided not to use the Crest Pro-Health Clinical Plaque Control Toothpaste since there is stannous fluoride in it - and there is a chance that it could produce surface staining of your teeth.  It said that the stain would come off with adequate brushing and/or the help of a dentist, but I did not want to take that chance.  I am also not able to use the Crest Pro-Health Clinical Rinse because of a reaction that I get from using it - but my husband is able to, and he seems to think that it works great!  The funny thing is that my husband has a reaction from the rinse that I am able to use!  LOL

Besides launching this new product line, Crest and Oral-B are hosting a sweepstakes where you can enter and win a trip to the 2012 Olympic Games in London this summer! (Sweepstakes ends 5/31/2012) I lived in England and went to school there for one year (many years ago) and would LOVE to go back and visit there with my family!  It would be so cool to win that trip...and if I do not win, I hope that YOU do!  You can sign up for the sweepstakes here.

The Giveaway:

Would you like to win all four items of the new product line: Crest and Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Plaque Control?  Well, there are a few ways that you can enter this giveaway:

1. Entry #1: Leave a comment on my blog and tell me if what your favorite type of oral care is (mine is my Glide floss) - and it does not have to be Crest or Oral-B related!

2. Entry #2: "Like" Crest on FB...come back and leave a new comment telling me that you did it (or already like them)

3. Entry #3: "Like" Oral-B on FB...come back and leave a new comment telling me that you did it (or already like them)

4. Entry #4: Enter the Pro-Health Clinical Olympic Games Sweepstakes...come back and leave a new comment telling me that you did it

5. Entry #5: Share this giveaway on FB...come back and leave a new comment telling me that you did it

6. This giveaway will end on Monday, April 9, 2012 at 9pm EST.  I will use to choose the winner of the giveaway.  Be sure that there is a way for me to contact you if you are chosen as the winner!

*Disclaimer: I was sent the items in the photo above, however all reviews and comments are 100% mine.*