Saturday, April 7, 2012

You Never Know Who You Might Meet!

This morning I went into our local food store to do some shopping.  I decided to sit down in the cafe and look over my list before I went shopping...and no, I did not get a coffee or something to eat - just needed to regroup!  There was one "gas deal" that I was thinking about doing - where you had to buy 4 items and then you would receive 20 cents off per gallon of gas that you would purchase.  I only had 2 coupons toward 2 items, and I wished that I had 2 more coupons, so that I would get a really good deal.  So, I decided to go to that aisle and look to see if someone happened to leave any coupons behind...once in a while that happens.  I decided that I would do that deal only if I could find 2 more coupons.

When I got there, I encountered something that I have heard about, but have not actually met...a type of extreme couponer!  She was grabbing some of the items and somehow we struck up a conversation.  She asked me if I had coupons for the items that we were both interested in (and there were plenty of them - we were not "fighting" over them!).  I told her that I only had 2 coupons.  She told me that she had a lot of coupons, so she could give me 2 more!  I could not believe my ears!  She was an answer to a little prayer!  So, I decided to tell her, "You are an answer to my prayers!"  I felt kind of awkward saying that- but it was true!  Her reply back to me was, "No one has ever said that to me before!"  I responded back, "Well, you are!"  She then asked me if I wanted some more coupons to do the deal again, so I said sure, and she gave me four more coupons - I think that she must have had about 50 or more of those joke!  She told me that she does not pay for her gas any more.  She gets enough of the deals to pay for her gas, and then she keeps some of the products that she purchases and donates some of it to a local food bank.  Between her husband and her, she was definitely getting free gas this weekend!  Interesting concept, but not really for me...I was happy with the 2 deals that I was able to get...and 40 cents off on the gallon!  :)

I was really excited - my little "prayer" was answered to "find" more coupons, and then I was able to tell that lady something that she never heard before - that SHE was an answer to a prayer...and I think that it was more important for her to hear that, than for me to get a couple of coupons.

What interesting thing had happened to you recently?

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Debi R. said...

That was really sweet of her to do that. I am glad you told her how you really felt, and that it helped make your day. :)

Hallie said...

You are the winner of the Seeds Family Worship cd!!:) Please email me wpooh_9 at hotmail dot com by tomorrow (Friday) evening or I'll have ot draw another name!! Congrats!