Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Thanks to Mercedes over at Common Sense with Money, I just saved 36% on my order at! PLUS, I will be getting back 4% of my purchase amount, since I shopped through Ebates! If you are new to ebates, you can sign up here, and by using this referral link, you will get a $5.00 cash back bonus!

This is what Mercedes had to say:

Wow! just caught wind of this super deal thanks to some bloggy friends. There are currently two 20% off codes available for that can be stacked to get you 36% off already reduced items. Outlet items have an additional 30% that’s applied once you add the item to your shopping cart. Here’s a very sweet deal I just did:

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Choose economical shipping and you get it free!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Contest Alert: $100 Gift Card!

Want to win a $100 gift card to any store that you choose? Well, head on over to Money Saving Mom, and sign up to win! This contest is only open for another 10 hurry! This is sponsored by Shop at Home, which is a great way to shop and get money back from what you purchased! I am going to have to try them out!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Recipe: Cinnamon Apple Streusal Muffins

I am so glad that my husband did not "build up" the taste of the Cinnamon Apple Streusal Muffins that I made today, because I was not expecting much as far as the taste of it...he said, "it's okay, the topping gave it some sweetness."

Let me tell you that my taste buds were pleasantly surprised when I sunk my teeth into one of those tasty muffins! Y-U-M! I think that they are very delicious, I am glad that I doubled the batch and I think that I may even make them again! They are more tedious than other types of muffins, but definitely worth the little extra time. So, if you have an apple or two hanging around, waiting for a purpose in its life, you may want to head over here to get the recipe and then make some for yourself!

I think that another taste testing will be in order after dinner! :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

"The End of the World"

While I was out this morning with my almost 4-year old son, Brady, I kept thinking about the slices of BBQ chicken pizza that were at home in my fridge. Well, I wasn't thinking of them the whole time, but when I thought about what I would eat for lunch, that popped right into my head. Yummy, homemade pizza, with "my name" on it.

So, after Brady and I got home from running our errands, I said something like this to Dawson, , "I am going to have the BBQ chicken pizza for lunch!" His response..."oh, um, Smiles and I ate it for lunch..." I looked at him and said something like, "really?" and he said, "Uh huh" - or something like that!

I could not believe it!!! I had made two pizza pies a couple days ago, and so far I had only eaten two pieces...TWO!!! There were only three slices left this morning, but they were all for me (if I really wanted them)...or so I thought!

Well, I have to say, that I lost it! I am not proud of that, but I could not believe that Dawson ate my yummy pizza when I had just reassured him the day before that I was going to eat my wasn't going bad! I did not yell, but I sure did "let him have it" in front of my almost four year old...REALLY NOT proud of that. I was just saying things like, "I can't believe that you ate my pizza! I was going to eat that today! There were other things that you could have eaten! etc." As I was saying these things, I DID realize that I was not being a good example to my son on how to handle a situation calmly, but I had already let it out...

My son's response went something like this, "Mommy, it's not the end of the world or anything. (Pause) Daddy is just kidding with you!"

I think that I have used that phrase with him before when he has become really upset, and now my words were being used on myself! I did take some time to calm down and forgive my husband - yes, over pizza! So, I ate homemade turkey noodle soup - although I forgot to add the turkey because I was not in the best of moods!

What did I learn out of this???

I have a great reminder that my son(s) do absorb what we are teaching them, and that I am an example to them 24/7. I cannot control what others do, but I can control my own behavior. That is what I am trying to teach them...and that is how I need to live too!

(I have to admit, that when he said what he did, it made me laugh a little!)