Sunday, December 13, 2009

Recipe: Cinnamon Apple Streusal Muffins

I am so glad that my husband did not "build up" the taste of the Cinnamon Apple Streusal Muffins that I made today, because I was not expecting much as far as the taste of it...he said, "it's okay, the topping gave it some sweetness."

Let me tell you that my taste buds were pleasantly surprised when I sunk my teeth into one of those tasty muffins! Y-U-M! I think that they are very delicious, I am glad that I doubled the batch and I think that I may even make them again! They are more tedious than other types of muffins, but definitely worth the little extra time. So, if you have an apple or two hanging around, waiting for a purpose in its life, you may want to head over here to get the recipe and then make some for yourself!

I think that another taste testing will be in order after dinner! :)

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