Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Our Little Worshipper

Brady blesses my heart, his Daddy's heart, and his Father in heaven daily. Brady will hear a worship song, and almost instantaneously, he lifts his hand (or hands) in the air and begins to worship Jesus. If we are at home, he will also sway a little bit if he is standing up (and the song is somewhat slow).

Today when we were driving to the chiro to get our adjustment, I decided to turn on WJTL. I turned around to look at my little guy, and there he is, with his hand in the air, waving it back and forth a little bit - it blessed my heart! His heart is worshipping the Lord, and he is only 18 months old!

He has been worshipping the Lord in this way for many months. Whenever he hears a song (usually worship, although he has praised the Lord to "Old MacDonald"), up his hand goes - and I tell him that he is blessing Jesus' heart, and his mommy's too, as he worships the Lord. I never needed to prompt him and say, "lift your hands to praise Jesus," it is something that he started to do on his own. He has seen us worship in church, and sometimes he will raise his hand there - sometimes he just looks around at all of the people and then wants to go to the nursery, but I guess that is fun for him too!

I feel that worshipping the Lord is a part of who he is, who each of us are. There is a song that is on the DVD, Born to Worship that Brady received for his 1st birthday - called Born to Worship, and it blesses my heart when I listen to it, because it is true:

We were made to praise You
We were made for love
We were born to worship, the Father, the Son, and Spirit above,
Made in Your image
And wrapped in Your love.

When we are listening to worship music together, I do encourage him to clap, dance (and that is so cute to see - he runs/or walks in a silly way, in a big circle), and raise his hands. I want to nurture what God has placed inside of him. I want to point Brady to the Father however I am able to. Right now, we worship together, and we have fun doing it.


Dawson said...

I love you my promise.
It is a special thing to see Brady's heart when he hears music playing.

TCC said...

I am so glad you posted this!!

I love how the next generation is learning expressions of worship at such a young age. You and Dawson are awesome examples to Brady!

Classic MaMa said...

So wonderful! I enjoyed reading about Brady's heart to worship and Not-So-Classic's smile was huge when I read it to him. What a great example you two set for your little guy.