Wednesday, February 18, 2009

He is SO my son!

When I was a little girl, I would "make up" words that I really thought were correct. for instance, when my sister and I were outside, I referred to toenails as "fingerfoots." My sister told me that "fingerfoots" was not the correct word, but I was so sure that I was correct, that I went inside to ask my mom...and found out that I was wrong. It was definitely something to giggle about...and we still do giggle about it at times!

Well, today Dawson and I put a cute turtle-neck on Brady. Yes, it took both of us to ease it over his head. He did not like the tight feeling of it while it was being pulled over his head. It is brand new and so cute on him, so I am glad that we got it on him! (it was fine once it was over his noggin).

After we got it on him, and he was sort of fine with it, Brady looked at me and tugged on his cuffs and said:

"Mommy, the turtle sleeves are too tight!"

A huge smile came across my face (and I chuckled inside), and I "stretched" his turtle sleeves a little bit, and asked, "Is that better" and he nodded.

I love my little kiddo! That is SO something that I would have said, and you know what? It kind of makes sense! Maybe he just thinks that the type of shirt is called a "turtle" shirt, so you preface everything about the shirt with the word "turtle." He makes me smile!


Classic MaMa said...

Love it!!

The Gang's Momma said...

Cute! LadyBug does this all the time, in addition to the mixing up of words that she does. Keeps us all giggling. Some of them actually make a lot of sense!