Saturday, May 15, 2010


I have always had pretty vivid dreams at night. I thought that everyone did until I started to talk with other people who said that they rarely remember their dreams. It is pretty neat. I feel that it is one way that God talks to me. I could go into some details about that, however, there is different dreaming that is taking place in my life that is new and fun and exciting!

I have begun to dream about how my house can be. How I want the rooms to look, what furniture I may want to add and subtract from each room. I have begun to realize that I can customize things and change things to be the way that I really want them to be! I have a long way to go in this area, but a spark has been lit! There is so much that is on my mind right now - things that I need to do, things that I want to do, waiting for catalogs to arrive, checking out some new-to-me blogs!

This new phase in my life is fun. I am enjoying this type of dreaming and planning. I have a long way to go...but I have to say that I am enjoying this new part of my journey!

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Livin' Life said...

That's exciting!! I dream very vividly too so I can relate to the dreams part. I get exciting to think that when the Lord blesses us with a house hopefully soon, I can start this process to. Can't wait to see pictures of your dreams coming true.