Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"got milk?"...another Giveaway!

I grew up drinking milk like it was water. We drank it all of the time and I really enjoyed it. I don't drink nearly as much as I did growing up, but I still enjoy having a glass of it now and then...I am more of a water drinker now!

I give milk to my sons to drink at each meal and inbetween meals too, but they differ in the amount that they will consume each day. My four year old enjoys drinking milk and I have no idea how much he actually drinks each day. My two year old is a different story. He drinks it because that is what his mommy gives him to drink (besides his apple juice/water mixture) getting him to drink 16 oz (two sippy cups) is not easy - sometimes, he will drink three cups worth, but I know that it is good for him...and he LOVES cereal with maybe we get another 6 oz in to him?!?

Well, the annual "got milk?" tour is coming this way and I am excited to be a part of it again! The name of their 2010 tour is "Milk the Moment.” Read more about it below and then be sure to enter the giveaway!

The 2010 Milk Mustache Mobile “Milk the Moment” Tour has taken to America’s streets to educate families about the importance of healthy eating and will be making a stop in Harrisburg from May 27-29. This year, the tour is traveling coast-to-coast to showing moms that serving milk at dinnertime is an easy, and affordable, way to encourage healthy eating among her family and provide her children with the nutrition they need.

Did you know:
· Research supports the importance of parents’ role modeling a healthy diet for their kids; studies show that moms who drink milk are more likely to have daughters who drink milk.
· Research also demonstrates that kids who eat family dinners have higher fruit, vegetable and calcium intakes than their peers.
· Research shows that family dinners also are linked to better academic performance and mental health for kids.
· That three out of four Americans aren’t getting the recommended daily dose of calcium.
· Milk is the easiest way to get the 9 essential nutrients that you need every day.
· Milk, at only 25 cents a glass, offers more nutrition for your dollar than any other beverage.
· Leading health and nutrition organizations have recognized the valuable role that milk, including flavored milk, can play in meeting daily nutrient needs, and helping kids get the 3 daily servings of milk recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Health tips:
Check out a few interesting facts on how choosing milk can positively impact your family meal’s nutrient content.

• By serving fat free milk in place of that regular soft drink at the table with a typical meal of spaghetti, a side of broccoli, fruit and bread, you add an additional 300mg of calcium to your meal. Likewise, you increase vitamin D by more than 650 percent, and potassium and magnesium by about 30 percent (Visit for full dinner nutrition information).

• You want your family to be healthy and hydrated. And remember, beverages besides water can help with hydration too. Make the most of their dinnertime drink to help your family get the recommended three servings of milk each day. Along with a nutrient punch, milk is nearly 90 percent water!

• In recent years, soft drinks and sugary fruit drinks have been edging out milk at mealtime, but these drinks do not provide the nourishment kids need. Studies show that kids who regularly drink nutrient-rich lowfat milk (including flavored milk which has the same nutrient package as white milk!) have better quality diets and tend to be leaner than kids who drink little or no milk.

During the Milk Mustache Mobile events, you can:
· Play a fun, dinner-themed football toss activity sponsored by the Fuel Up to Play 60 program, which encourages healthy eating and 60 minutes of daily exercise
· Find out the benefits of setting the table with milk at the Mom/Health Tent
· Sample ice-cold milk from local dairies
· Speak with a registered dietitian about the benefits of milk and how Milk can help families stay healthy and relieve stress
· Pose for a celebrity-inspired Milk Mustache souvenir photo
Enter for a chance to win a trip for the ultimate family dinner experience with celebrity chef Tyler Florence

Event Schedule:
· Thursday, May 27, 6pm – 8pm, Harrisburg Senators Baseball
· Friday, May 28, 1pm – 6:30pm, Hershey’s Chocolate World
· Saturday, May 29, 11am – 4pm, Hershey Park

And now for the GIVEAWAY!

One "lucky" winner will receive a special bag of fun-filled prizes, which will include:

A "got milk?" T-shirt (size small), yummy recipes ideas, a lanyard, a frisbee, a pedometer, and chocolate milk mustache stickers!

To enter, please:

1. Leave a comment and a way for me to contact you. Deadline to enter is Saturday, May 29th at 8pm. (only open to USA residents)

2. The winner will be chosen randomly and I will contact you by email!

That's all!

If you are in the area, I hope that you are able to stop by and join the "got milk?" tour!


Anonymous said...

this got milk contest is so cool Janelle! Love it

Beetle said...

I'd love to enter this contest. My favorite food group is dairy (and that's not just because that's wear ice cream fits in LOL). I think my kids would have fun playing with those chocolate milk mustaches.
thorandellie [[at]] gmail [[d0t]] com

T.J. said...

Please count me in. I'd love to be the "lucky" winner. (Are the quotes that you put around 'lucky' (above) meant to imply skepticism ... perhaps in this cluttered world, winning isn't so lucky after all?) Well, lucky or not, I'd be glad to win. I'm especially excited about the prospect of winning a Got Milk t-shirt. That just sounds cool! My email is thevanandthecart AT gmail D0T com