Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Throughts About Banners and other things...

I should be working on the banner for my son's first "All Sports Parade," but instead, I have been procrastinating a little bit. Scratch that. I have been taking a little break from my busy (but good) day.

Today, I decided to take the boys to Hershey Park. We met some of our good friends there and did not get home until about 3:30ish. It was a really fun day today. The kids were all well behaved and I enjoyed watching them smile as they rode the rides, talk with each other, and ask me to go on a ride with them too! :) I also enjoyed talking a little bit with my friend, Thrills...in between helping the kids on and off the rides or riding the rides with them! :) The monorail was a lot of fun - we were able to ride it two times in a row! I learned something while I was riding it - don't point out something to your kids if they do not have the same view as you, because they will want to see it...and you have already passed it! (Thrills taught me that one!)

Well, I need to get back to figuring out what beetle pattern I am going to use for this banner and I need to stop stressing about the banner! It is very simple and basic, so I don't know why I am stressing about it. And yes, the name of their team is the "Beetles." I know, your knees are shaking at the sound of their team's name! These 4 and 5 year olds are so cute! :) We have a great group of kids that we were blessed with. Ok, I am really getting off now and getting to work on this banner...or maybe going to sleep!

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