Monday, April 18, 2011

A Sneak Peak of My Monday

Today was a busy day, but a good day.

Here is a glimpse...well, let me backtrack to the middle of the night...

I was woken up in the middle of the night to take one son to the potty (which is much better than changing sheets the next morning...or middle of the night!) and then later on in my slumber, my 3 year old and his blankie came in to  my room and climbed right into bed with me.  I was so tired, that I decided to let him snuggle there with me.  I am not sure how long he was there, but I eventually turned over to Dawson and asked him to take Smiles back to his bed...and he did!  (He is the best husband!).

Okay, now back to this morning:

All of this happened before 9:30am: said goodbye to Dawson, showered/got dressed, folded some laundry, got the boys up, suggested clothes for them to wear today, helped them get dressed, fed them, and got them out the door

10-11ish Smiles had an eye doctor appt - everything went well, but they gave him those eye drops that dilate the pupils...which he does not like at all (who does?).  I really like his eye doctor - he is awesome with the kids! (Even Brady likes him!)

11:30-12:30 Back home.  Time to make lunch and call my mom - I need to take her to the chiro today...which is fine, b/c I could use an adjustment too.

12:45 - out the door to go to story time at the library

1:15-2:30  Story time and spending time at the library with some friends

2:45 leave the library and pick up mom.  Go to the chiro and get adjusted.  Stop by CVS - I am in there for about 10 minutes.  Drop mom off at home and I go home

4:30ish ?  Get home, give the kids a snack, get ready for the board meeting, throw some dinner together - and whatever else I had to do!

6:15 Dawson arrives home.  I talk with him and give him the run down of what I am thinking of saying at the school board meeting.  He prays with me.

6:45 I am off to stop at CVS - there is something else that I needed to get there.

7:20 I arrive at the school board meeting and talk briefly with a former colleague and then make my way into the board room.  I say what I wanted to and listen to everything that is going on.  I don't always like taking the time to go to the school board meetings, but I am thankful that I have gone to them and hope that I am able to continue to go to them so that I know what is going on in my school district.

9:30 Finally home from the meeting and find that my kids are wanting kisses from me...which only makes them hyper!  So, they did not settle down until about 10pm!!!!  Their bedtime is 8:30 the very latest!!!!  Tomorrow morning should be "fun" to wake them up...I think that it will be breakfast in a bag and milk in a sippy cup which they can eat on the way to our Moms Meeting tomorrow morning!

This was a busy day, but not a "hard" day and not too exhausting - just very busy.  I am thankful for my health, for my family and for my God who has helped me through this day without feeling stressed out.  Normally, I would have been setting up for our Moms meeting, however, I was not able to because Dawson had to work overtime and I had the school board meeting.

It was a good day.  Not everything turned out the way that I may have wanted it too.  However, my son's eyes are healthy, our car is running fine, we borrowed the Nemo soundtrack which I really enjoyed (thanks for finding it, Brady!), we all got great and well-needed adjustments, there was food to feed my family, my husband has a job and makes me smile, CVS had some great deals, and I had the freedom to voice my opinion at a school board meeting.

I am so thankful that the Lord helped me move through this day with grace and ease.  The dishes are not done, the laundry is backed up and I could name many other things here that are not "done" at the moment...but I choose to focus on the positive - I am thankful for the dishes and pots and pans that we have to cook with and eat off of and I am thankful for the clothes that we have so that we have more than one outfit to wear.

God is so faithful.  God is so good.


TCC said...

You go sis! It's all about perspective and you got it down girl.

You and I have had a lot of these busy days and praise God we've gotten through them and will continue to do so. :)

Tiffany said...

That was great. :) I'm so glad that I read this at 6:00 a.m....because you've reminded me to turn complaining into gratitude...and that is now how I'm starting my day. Love you!!