Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Countdown

As I mentioned in this post, we are celebrating the advent season with learning more about the Names and God and also having some fun family activities!  Yesterday was fun, but I am going to revamp how I present the information to my boys.  They were so excited to get to the activity that it took longer than I thought to discuss the name of God and read in the Bible.  I will keep trying to do it a little differently until I see what works best for my 3 and 5 year old!

I also made a paper chain countdown for each of my boys...which inspired my sons to make paper chains of their own!  Their creations are hanging above our front door!  I found the paper chain countdown idea that I made here on Make and Takes.
Can you tell that it is a Christmas tree?

I probably will make the loops a little shorter and wider next time.  I would suggest a 1 1/2 in width...and maybe play with the length a little bit.  I am not sure about that!  I thought that it came out cute! I added the numbers on each loop, because I thought it would be a great way to determine which chain to tear off.  My 3 year old did NOT want to tear off the first chain!  I had to help him.  I think that he is upset that we will be taking it least that is the way it was last night!  I am sure that he will have fun with it as the month continues!

I need to finish prepping for tonight's activities!  More on that later!

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