Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Still Around!

A lot has been going on around here, and I am trying to prioritize my time, and limit my computer time. So, I have not been making the time to blog...but much has been happening around here...

1. Potty Training - I am definitely a first time mom at this! You see, I thought that Brady was completely trained after he did pee and poop into the potty last week...however, the poop has not happened in the potty since then!!! :( I am not sure why he does not let it out when he tells me that he has to go, and we get him on the potty...he seems more comfortable to do it in his pull-up (at nap time) or in his diaper (bed time). This has definitely been a test in my patience area. So, I think that I am going to make up a sticker chart - thanks, sis!(I had thought of doing that before, but have not yet). I am hoping that this will motivate him to do the poop on the potty, because he LOVES stickers! Overall, he has been peeing just fine on the potty, with an accident here and there. I will keep you updated!

2. Smiles - He is my adorable little 14 month old! He is enjoying sitting on the little potty too...fully clothed of course! He is so cute! Smiles is starting to babble A LOT and to say q few words too: Dada, Mama (sometimes!), bib, baby, that, bye-bye - those are the main ones that I can think of right now, probably a few more! His personality is bursting forth! He is so friendly and loves people...but likes to be with mommy and daddy the most! It is also fun to watch him and Brady play together - they have so much fun running around and chasing each other, and playing in their "semi-permanent" tent.

3. The Semi-permanent tent - my kids love playing in the little blanket tent that we made in the corner of the living, instead of taking it down and putting it up every day, I have left it in place for the time being. It is so cute to watch them come downstairs and head right for the tent. Since they play in it daily, and it is in the corner of the living room, I really do not have a problem with having it up right now.

4. Organizing my time - this is something that is still in process. Some days, I feel like I have NO TIME to get anything done, besides taking care of the kids - feeding them, clothing them, playing with them, etc. I know that those are all good things, but I really need to get other things done. So, I am trying to evaluate my time, and how I am spending it, and re-prioritizing things. I don't have a lot to say about this, but will try to post things as I grow in this area.

Ok, that is all of the time that I have for the computer right now! I have much to do - we have a fun family week coming up, and I have planning to do for that!


Trish said...

I think Spring Fever is hitting everybody right now! Enjoy your family time. :)

Krazy Klingers said...

I do the sticker chart with Laney. I googled free potty training sticker charts and printed off Dora for her...She loves it and I let her put the stickers on.