Thursday, March 12, 2009

VICTORY in Potty Training!

Ok, so two weeks ago, we did the pull-ups and he really did not "get it" - the pull-ups just absorb way too much! So, after some advice from some of my friends (thanks guys!), and then taking that advice to the Lord in prayer, I decided to do the underwear thing. I just could not even think of doing the naked butt thing...and I had an epiphany of why I cannot!

You see, both of my kids spit up for the first 8 months of their lives, and I had to clean it off of my carpet many, many, many times. I just do not want to have to clean up things off of my carpet any more...well, if I can help it anyway! Smiles actually spit up randomly two weeks ago on the carpet, (yes, he is 14 months old - so, it was strange), and when I was cleaning it up, that is when I had this epiphany!

Now, getting back to the potty training...

I took the week off last week - was praying about what to do with this ordeal.

So, on Monday of this week, I talked and prayed with Brady about what he was supposed to be doing, I put him in underwear that is a little thicker in the pee pee area, and we started our day - confined the the kitchen and the hallway (the only areas in our house that does not have carpet) - I brought toys into that area. He had two accidents that day - and was startled by it - I thought COOL! It was "funny" to see him realize that something was wrong - "Pee pee is on the floor, Mommy!" - yes, I had a puddle to clean up!

On Tuesday, I had MIA meeting, so he was in a diaper all day - I was not happy with that, but I had to go, and it was great.

Wednesday - he did NOT want to wear the underwear, he wanted to wear a diaper, but I told him that it was not an option and stayed firm about it. So, our day began...he sat on the potty a few times - nothing...for 2 hours...hello, when is the pee pee going to come out! Then, he sat on the potty (I had it in the kitchen); I was doing dishes, and I hear "Mommy, I'm going pee pee" - I did not know if I should believe him or not, but when I got over there, I saw him doing it - VERY COOL!!! I was SO PROUD of him and hugged him, he got a Hershey Kiss (yes, I decided to give a chocolate as a reward), and we called Grammie and Daddy to tell them the awesome news! He did not have ANY accidents the rest of the day!!!

I did put him in a pull up for nap and when he got up, it was wet, but that will come in time. I was hoping that the pull up would absorb it all, and it did - which is awesome. I did not want to have to put him in a diaper during naptime, because I want consistency during the day (with underwear). That night, Dawson "caught Brady" when he was starting to poop (standing, of course) - he went over to him and got him to sit on the potty just in time, and we praised him and made a big deal about it! I was so amazed that he did both "deeds" in the potty on the same day!

Thursday (today) - I was really praying and hoping that the potty training would continue to go well, and not really sure how the pooping part would go - but was hopeful! The day started off great and continued in that way! Brady actually told me that he had to go poopie. I asked him where he was going to go and he said, "THE POTTY!" - he sat and nothing happened. So, I reminded him that he would probably have to go again soon, and to go sit on the potty again. This whole scenario repeated in about 5 minutes - still nothing...then, it happened. He told me that he had to go poopie, ran over to the potty on his own, pulled off his underwear, sat down and POOPED INTO THE POTTY! I praised him and Smiles and I clapped for him! It was GREAT! We then had to call Grammie, Poppy and Daddy and tell them the GREAT NEWS!!! I also gave him a chocolate as a reward! I am so amazed and in awe that this has all happened!

Oh, and we do have him wear a diaper at night still, because a pull-up would not be able to handle his pee from the night time! So that is the long and the not so short of it!

If you are thinking of doing the underwear thing, I would say, go for it and expect to have accidents the first day! Also, I thought that having the potty in an easy to access place was a great idea - and I just had to teach Smiles not to run away with it! Smiles actually likes to sit on it (fully clothed, of course)! Consistency, firmness, focus, and praise were some of the things that have really helped in Brady's potty training. The TV was not on at all, and we played in the kitchen.

I am SO THANKFUL that Brady has had victory in the potty training area! It is wonderful!!! :)


Thrills said...

YEAH, Brady! Ok now I am encouraged to start - maybe next week.

Melissa said...

Yippee! It's so great when they "get it" isn't it?? And, there is nothing wrong with rewarding with Hershey Kisses! I just wish someone gave me chocolate everytime I went in the potty! :-)

The Gang's Momma said...

Great news. Good for all of you :)