Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Moving Forward in Victory!

Back in March, we started to potty train Brady, and he had a lot of success in peeing and pooping on the potty...yes, this post does involve the subject of pooping! However, after about one week of pooping on the potty, he regressed. We tried a few different ways to encourage him to poop on the potty, but nothing was working!

There are a few details that I am going to leave out at the moment, but let's just say that with lots of prayer (for patience for me and for Brady to poop on the potty), having Brady clean up after himself, and telling him that he could not go to VBS if he did not poop on the potty...we had VICTORY!!!

He almost made it to the potty last night - it was an awesome try - so, he was allowed to go to VBS today...and then at VBS today - he pooped on the potty!!! Although I missed it because I was in another room, I was able to rejoice with him right after he did it! A HUGE thanks to Thrills for taking him to the potty and for telling me right away!

I am so excited and did a little happy dance for my son! We are praying that this continues in a positive direction!

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Thrills said...

I think you should video the "happy dance" and put it to on your blog. I think your readers would get a kick out of it.