Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Surgery: Fun Highlights

Some fun highlights of my surgery:

*It was outpatient - so I was able to go home the same day

*You know how on TV, they will show the view point from the patient's perspective, and all they see are the doctors and nurses hovering over them in sort of a circle - all looking at the patient? Well, that happened to me in real life, and it made me laugh and I told the doctors and nurses what I was thinking, which made them laugh too!

*When they were wheeling me down to my surgery room, the anesthesiologist said that he was "giving me something" and that I would feel it by the time that we got to the room. We were almost to the room, and I was like "yea, right, when is this going to happen..." and then it suddenly "hit me" and a warm feeling went through my body - very weird.

*They "put me under" - which is really weird. One minute I was looking at the clock on the wall and the next minute, I was waking up in recovery. This is the 3rd time that I was put under...and they never tell me to count backwards!!! TV is so not real! :)

*I also got to see the bone that they took out of my foot - it was really cool! They showed it to me twice, to be sure that I would remember them showing it to me! (I asked them if I could see it after the surgery was over, because, well, that sort of thing interests me!)

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TCC said...

The fact that they showed you twice to make sure that you would remember makes me smile.