Thursday, March 25, 2010

Prayin', Prayin', Prayin'!

My husband, Dawson, is studying to take an EIGHT HOUR test in April! You read that correctly - 4 hours in the morning, then they have a lunch break, and then 4 hours in the afternoon! Does not sound like a fun Saturday to me!

What is this test all about? It is the PE exam, or Professional Engineering exam. It is not an easy exam, and they test of such a vast amount of knowledge! He has been going to a review course every Tueday night from 6:30-10:30 pm since November (I think?), and next week is his last class. Tuesdays are very long days for BOTH of us! He leaves between 7-7:30AM and is not home until about 11:15PM (the class is about 45-60 minutes away from where we live). He brought his study materials to my parents' house and has been studying there for about 2-3 days each week. I am very proud of him!

So, I have been doing a lot of praying for him - that he will be able to absorb everything that he is reviewing and studying, and that when he goes into the exam, there will be a peace that washes over him, and that he will be able to complete all of the problems and pass! Hoping to share great news with you in June! (that is usually when the results arrive)

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