Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is Here!

The first day of spring was a gorgeous one yesterday! Our whole family was outside. The boys rode their new big wheels and bikes (with training wheels). They also enjoyed wearing their new helmets and Brady even wanted to wear his new elbow pads and knee pads - too cute!

All three "boys" (including Dawson) drew some fun pics with the sidewalk chalk, and I think that Dawson outdid the elephant that I drew last week...well, I know that he did - drawing is effortless for him...not so much for me! :) The boys also enjoyed hitting the ball off of the "T" and pushing the toy lawnmower around too! I enjoyed taking a few hits with the bat also...and the boys enjoyed running after the ball! It was a fun, sunny day and I look forward to many more of these!

I may even break out the finger paints next time!

Dawson also took some time to prune the pear and apple trees that we have in our backyard. I am really looking forward to eating out pears...and watch the birds peck away at our apple tree. We have never been able to eat any of the apples from our tree - they do not grow very well, and the birds get to them first....but our pears! I love our pears! They are so tasty and we usually get so many of them! I will have to wait until August rolls around, then I will be able to taste them! In the meantime...I have been thinking about growing a vegetable garden this year! I need to do some quick planning and get moving on my ideas...we will see if it actually happens this year!

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