Thursday, February 24, 2011

It Started When I Pulled Into My Driveway...

It started when I pulled into my driveway...after we dropped off my 5 year old at preschool.

I looked around our minivan and saw some wrappers, papers, toys, etc. that did not belong in our van, and needed to be relocated.

My 3 year old wanted to shovel the snow.

So, we went inside for a moment, put on gloves and boots on my 3 year old, and we headed back outside in two point two (as my husband would say).

Smiles got busy shoveling the snow from one side of the lawn to the other, riding in his toy car, pulling his wagon around, playing with toys that we are going to get rid of, riding his big wheel, and helping me out too. He was so cute on the big wheel - he pedaled up the driveway (or is it down...well, towards the road) and then took his feet off of the pedals and let himself go flying backwards into the pile of snow - so cute!

I played with Smiles a little bit, but I was focused on cleaning out the minivan...which did not take too long, since Dawson cleaned out some things the other day. In the process of cleaning out the van (and no, I did not vacuum it today!), I opened the garage and saw the 3 bags of clothes and one box of "things" that were ready to go to good, I loaded the van up with those items. It was nice to empty that little area of my garage, so I decided to continue on with my little cleaning/decluttering spree...which led me to boxes.

Boxes. Cardboard ones. We had loads of them in our garage. Most were from things that I ordered for Christmas. Online shopping was awesome this year! But with shopping online, you are left with cardboard boxes. One was turned into a plane; another into, well, I am not sure what it was - maybe another plane. I was forbidden to recycle those, per my 3 year old. However, there were probably about 15 other boxes, of various sizes that needed to be recycled. So, I broke them down and loaded them up in my minivan. You see, today was trash day, and our trash and recyclables were already picked up...and I really did not want those boxes in our garage anymore.

So, I drove them over to my parents house. Their trash day is tomorrow, and the boxes will be gone...along with 3 little trash bags of packing peanuts. Then, our journey continued.

Smiles and I picked up Brady from preschool, stopped by the house to have some late lunch, and we were off...we had one brief stop before I headed to Sal's. I made my first donation there with my kids in the car, watching what I was doing. My 5 year old asked what we were doing there, so I explained to him what donating items was all about. It felt good to let go of those things, and to lighten the "load" that is in my house.

I still have a long way to go...but I have resolved to declutter my house. I have begun, and I don't plan on stopping!

It started when I pulled into my driveway...

...or was it when I asked my husband to wake me up early this morning...

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