Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I remember the "transition" time during labor...who could forget it!  It was not easy - there was definitely a LOT of pressure...some/most would say pain, but I knew that it would not last forever.  I was focused, concentrating on breathing correctly - and I knew what was about to happen very soon.  My body was making its final preparations for the exit of my little baby out of my womb and into my arms - the beginning of his life in our family and world.  It was worth every moment of that transition.

Recently, our family has been going through some new transitions - good ones (new job for Dawson!!!, T-ball starting up, new schedules, etc.), but I have to admit that I am tired. I am realizing the importance of keeping myself focused and preparing myself properly so that I am not as tired during the day and can get things accomplished that I need/want to during the day...not just trying to "make it" through the day.  Earlier to bed is a that earlier to rise is not as hard!

So, here is to another great day - and to trying to get to bed earlier tonight!

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