Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Brady!!!

Three years ago today, Brady entered our lives at 8:53AM, and we feel in love! Our first "little pumpkin!"

Brady has brought so much joy and laughter into our home. I feel so blessed that the Lord entrusted us to be his parents.

We will celebrate his birthday today as a family and then we will have his birthday party with friends in a few weeks.

Brady has grown so much in this past year. He has gone from 2-3 word sentences to having conversations - and I LOVE having these conversations with him. He has become more snuggly and cuddly. I just love him so much!

I decided to write a letter to Brady, telling him how much he means to me and telling him some fun things that happened this year - I think that I will try to do that each year and put it in his scrapbook. I think that he will enjoy reading them as he gets older.

Happy Birthday, Brady! We look forward to having a wonderful and fun-filled day with you!


TCC said...

We had so much fun celebrating with you on your birthday!

Love you bunches Brady!!!

Kacie said...

Hooray! Happy birthday to your little boy!