Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Review: Bounty Paper Towel

I was asked a few months ago to do a review of Bounty Paper Towel. I have used this paper towel ever since I was a little girl. Although this paper towel may be a little more expensive than others, it is one brand that my mom refused to compromise on, and that was passed on to me.

Bounty paper towel has thick quilts which in turn causes it to have outstanding absorbency. The makers of the product also claim that because it is so thick, that one sheet will last a long time. You can find this and other information about Bounty at its website, here. This information actually made me think a little bit more about how I was using the paper towel.

I have to admit, I liked Bounty paper towel before I was asked to review it, and I like it even more since I have thought about how I use the paper towel. I like the fact that it does not break apart when I am using it, it is able to absorb tremendous amounts of liquid, and if I am cleaning something with it, I can rinse it out and continue to use it because it does not easily break apart.

One incident that I recently used it for was to clean up a bowl of cereal and milk that was pulled off of my dining room table, and on to the carpet! My little one year old was curious to see what I had just placed on the table (yes, it was my FULL bowl of cereal with milk!). I had just walked in to the kitchen to get something else, and when I looked over to the dining room, I saw my bowl of cereal dumping on to my son and on to the carpet! I could have cried...but why cry over spilled milk when you have Bounty paper towels to help clean up the mess!?! So, I stripped my son down to his onesie and diaper, and put him into his high chair, for "safe keeping" while I looked at the mess and reached for my Bounty and a plastic garbage bag. Although it took quite a few pieces of paper towel (there was a LOT of milk in there!), all of it was soaked up - it was great...and there were no little pieces of paper towel bits left behind!

One way that I have changed the way that I use the paper towel, is that I try to get more than "one use" out of it. For instance, if I am cleaning the stove with a paper towel, and it has some grime on it, I rinse it out and continue to use it to complete the job. The towel does hold up to multiple uses.

So, I have to say that I give Bounty paper towel two thumbs up - the absorbency is excellent and you definitely can us one paper towel for quite a few different jobs!


Anonymous said...

Do you know how many trees have been cut down to make your Bounty paper towels since you were a little girl?

Promises Fulfilled said...

and I thank those trees for giving their lives to me, so that my life could be a little better! Thanks to the tree farmers who grow these trees for that purpose! I am happy to help them earn their living!

Seriously, anonymous - if you want to leave a comment, be brave enough to leave a name or a nickname.

Nico said...


Throughout my life, I have depended on the soft, at-the-ready, clean, useful, brilliant white absorbency that paper towels offer. I love them. But I also love trees and our collective global environment. I can't imagine living without Paper towels, but I am trying to do so if it means less waste. It's a love hate relationship.
I am trying to calculate how many trees are cut each year to sustain my usage of paper towels. For an example, let's say my family uses 12 rolls a month, so 144 rolls a year.
How many trees will I plant each year to offset this consumption?