Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Smiles!!!

I can hardly believe that my little Smiles is already one year old! It is amazing how quickly he grew up in one year!

One year ago today, we were waiting in the hospital for his arrival - walking the halls of the hospital, sitting in the whirlpool to help speed things up, playing Yahtzee - and having a contraction every time that it was Dawson's turn...hmm...something was about to happen! Our little Smiles entered our lives at 7:20pm, and it was love at first sight!

When he was born, he was so little, so helpless and was completely dependent on us. Now, one year later, he smiles a lot and he is walking all over the place (he is still dependent on us, but in a different way)! Today, he actually did a little bit of a run! :) Smiles brings us so much joy and laughter and I am so thankful that the Lord placed him into our lives. I love his giggles and I love the way that he snuggles with me and plays with his brother. He is our little gift from the Lord, as is Brady, and I am so thankful to raise these mighty "men" of God! What a gift!

Happy Birthday, Smiles. We are love you so very much and pray that you have another blessed year. We pray that the Lord will shower down upon you every good gift that He has for you. The He will bless you and that you will come to know the Lord personally at a very young age. I also pray this same prayer for Brady (I was not feeling well when I posted about his birthday - and he is just as special to us as Smiles). We pray that the Lord will use our sons as a mighty force to further the Kingdom, and that they will always be great, best friends throughout their lifetime!


TCC said...

Happy Birthday precious! We love you and look forward to celebrating with you!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, Smiles! You are a tremendously blessed little boy to have such a wonderful, loving family!