Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trying To Get Back to Normalcy

December was a good month, but it was really draining for me, and if you want to read more about it, you can go here. Since Thanksgiving, I have kind of been in "survival mode," and I have to say that I don't like to live that way for a long period of time. I am out of my routine (the few that I have), and time seems to "get away" from me. I feel that things are beginning to change in a few areas - some of the change is because I am making the decision to do so, and others are happening "on their own."

One of the most remarkable changes that has happened within the last week, is that Smiles is starting to sleep through the night again!!! Ever since his surgery on December 1st, he would wake up in the middle of the night, at least once and sometimes twice!!! That really drained me, and that is part of the reason why I was in survival mode. I have been so tired over the last month and a half - this Mama is used to getting a full night's sleep! One change that I made (well, really Dawson made it for us) is that we tuned off the monitor that was in our bedroom (we still have one downstairs - but that is used only when we are awake and the kids are sleeping)! Ever since we did that, Smiles started to sleep through the night...coincidence? Maybe, but I am sure that it also helps that I don't hear every little squawk that he makes. So, I thank the Lord that little Smiles is sleeping through the night...I am talking about 7pm to at least 6:30am!!! WHOO HOO!!

Now that I am getting more sleep, I have decided that I need to also bring back some of the other parts of my routine...which have been hit or miss lately!

1. Dishes. I am trying to get all of the dishes done before we go to bed...yes, I have been known to leave them in the sink until the next day. I know, none of you have ever done that before in your whole life! :) (and of you haven't, good for you - seriously!).

2. Laundry. I have piles of laundry to do. I don't think that I have done any laundry for about 2 weeks! And, yes, I have enough undies to last that long! The last time that laundry was done, Dawson did it (yes, he is awesome)...so, I should really say that I have not done laundry for about 3-4 weeks...however, I only have about a 2 week pile up...well, the boys have more than that, thanks to all of the hand-me-downs from my sis! :) So, as I am typing this, I heard some strange noise that was coming from upstairs. I had to stop and listen a little closely, wondering what it was...I then chuckled, because I realized that it was the unfamiliar noise of my washing machine! That will now become a daily noise that I will hear...lots of laundry to do!

3. Meal Planning. This is something that I have been majorly missing! I have been "throwing" meals together, and we have been surviving, but I have to say that I miss not knowing in advance what we are going to have for dinner...speaking of which... I have not planned dinner for tonight yet! This is something that I have not put back into place yet, but it will be back by next week.

Those are the three main things that I can think of at the moment - there are many others, but I am slowly jumping back into all of this. This may seem so simple, but I knew that I had to start somewhere, and over time, "normalcy" will return to our home again!

Another thing that I am working on, is making changes to my lifestyle to lose the rest of the baby weight (from Brady - I already lost all of it from Smiles - although the muscles are still weak!). Natalie challenged us a few weeks ago, and although I have not taken the time to blog about it, I decided to make four changes to my lifestyle, and see what happens! I will write more about that in another post. If you are interested in reading more about this challenge, head over to Created and Called, and you can read her posts here, here and here.

It is good to get back on the track...and now, I am full steam ahead, prepping for Brady's Thomas the Tank birthday party...which will happen this Saturday!

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