Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Haircut

We finally had it done. Brady had his first haircut last night! His fine blond hair took a very long time to grow in - once it was here, I was not in a rush to get it cut. I loved the cute little waves that he had at the base of his neck - so adorable. However, it was time to get it cut - it was starting to look like a mullet, and that is not my favorite hairstyle!

He was not very excited about the idea of someone else touching his hair, but he did really well. Brady sat on my lap, while Dawson snapped a few photos. Scissors were used to cut his hair - clippers would probably have made him look the way that he did when he was first born! He was very happy when it was all over and went to play with his three friends (one of our friends cut his hair, and she did a great job!).

He looks so cute with his new haircut! I love it! I guess he looks older, but to me, he looks just as cute as he did before - just with a new haircut!


TCC said...

I can't wait to see him!

Classic MaMa said...

Awww! I agree, I can't wait to see him. He must look so mature.