Sunday, August 5, 2007

Worshiping and Praying

Brady has a beautiful spirit and heart towards the Lord - and it blesses his Mommy and Daddy! I know that I have written about this topic before, but I have to praise the Lord for the heart that He has placed in Brady.

After we picked Brady up from the nursery at church today, he went in to the sanctuary, sat on a pew, and lifted his hands to worship Jesus. There is music that is playing in the background, but some people may not notice it because of other noise that is taking place (ministry in the front of the church and some people talking in the pews). Brady noticed it and joined in with the worship.

It blesses me to see his heart towards Jesus.

He also loves hold hands when we pray for our food, or when we have to correct his behavior. We have also taught him how to lay hands on someone when we are praying for healing. So, tonight when we were praying for Dawson - Brady came over and placed his hand on his Daddy's head and we prayed for healing (his chest was feeling a little tight and tingly).

I love the heart of my child, and I am praying that he follows the Lord ALL of his days.


Beautiful Grace said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Beautiful Grace said...

Thanks for praying for my Mom!! :)