Monday, August 20, 2007

Fun With The Nephews

My sister and I came up with this great idea - we take turns watching each other's kids so that the couple without the kids can spend uninterrupted time with each other. We don't just do it for an evening, but we will take each other's kids for an entire day, and have them sleep over too! The cousin's love it, and so do the aunts and uncles! Let me tell you, going from one to three is definitely a big change, but my nephews are so well behaved that I am able to stay sane - I just get a little tired!

So, this was Dawson and my Saturday-Sunday:

9:00am - Jeter and Barber are dropped off at the house, and everyone is excited, of course!

The three little boys:
-play with the mega bloks car track
-play games on the computer ( it is great for the little ones)
-play outside with tricycles, toys, and the swing set

12:00 - Time for lunch!
Jeter asks for "tuna bread" AKA tuna sandwich - and he ate a whole sandwich!
Barber asks for PBJ like this (one hand on top of the other - his way of saying "sandwich") - he will eat half a sandwich
Brady - he eats what Mommy makes for him - tuna sandwich today
Dawson - whole PBJ and half tuna
Me - PBJ was just fine for today
Grapes and tortilla chips accompanied the sandwiches

After lunch, the boys ran around for a little bit - and then we all went upstairs

1:15 - Barber and Brady were put down for a nap
-I went to my parents house to borrow a pastry blender
-Dawson and Jeter began building a rocket ship out of cardboard boxes

2:00 - Brady lets out a midnap cry - a little longer than usual.
-I go upstairs to listen and see if I will need to go in and comfort him (he is teething again!)
-Brady quiets down after 3 minutes, I never went into the room, but boy does my bed feel comfy, and my eyelids feel heavy!
-I lay down for a little snooze

4:00 - I wake up from my nap! I really needed that snooze!
- the two little boys are still snoozing
-Dawson and Jeter have finished the rocket! It looks great - the wings have not been put on yet - that way we can get it into the house, and then over to The Campbell Corner

4:30 - Dawson and I begin to prepare dinner...Taco Salad tonight!

5:00 - We still have not heard a peep from the two little boys, so it is time to check on them!
-they both woke up when we entered the room
-they come downstairs and are so excited about the rocket ship and play in it for a little bit!

5:30 - Dinner time!

After dinner:
-Time to play outside again - they had fun on the swings and Jeter and Barber had fun pushing Brady on his swing.

7:00 - Bath time and Bed time!
-Barber and Jeter want to take a bath with Brady. I of course think that this will be so cute - what a great photo op!...don't worry, all of the private parts were not in and of the pics! They had fun playing with the bath toys. Dawson took care of bathing Brady, I bathed Barber, and Jeter was able to bathe himself - it worked out great!
-Time to read books, pray and put Barber and Brady to bed
-Jeter stayed up a little longer and had: dessert, played UNO, and had his special book read to him

8:30 - Jeter was in bed

After all of the boys were in bed - we were able to relax a little bit!

I did not sleep the greatest. We left the hall light on as a nightlight for the nephews (I do not own a nightlight! I need to buy one!). The light kept waking me up, because I left our door open a crack in case they would need me for some reason. I think that I also had an ear open, in case they needed me - which they did not! I probably woke up about 4 times throughout the night - I only had to go to the bathroom once out of those four times. I guess it is the mommy in me! Dawson slept soundly through the whole night - which is good. He does not take naps like I do because he works outside of the home.

6:00am - Jeter very quietly comes into our room. He wanted to know what time it was - I told him, and then also told him to go back to bed (very nicely) - and he did. He is such a cutie pie!

6:15 - I hear someone in the bathroom. OK, it is time for me to get up! I help the nephews
get ready for church.

6:45 - I wake up Dawson, so that he can take the nephews downstairs, and make them breakfast. I shower and get ready for church

7:15 - I am ready for church (except for the hair), and I hear Brady. As soon as I walk into his room, he asks for his two cousins - it was so cute. I change his diaper and get him ready for church. Brady and I go downstairs to eat breakfast. Dawson's turn to shower and get ready!

8:30 - time to leave for church! We got there on time! I was so impressed!

We made the kid exchange at the end of church. We had a great time with our nephews, and I believe that my sister and Simms had a great time with each other - getting projects down in the house, and also spending some quality time with each other.

I am so glad that I am able to do this with my sister and brother in law - We will need to make plans soon to share our son with them, while we spend some time together before Baby #2 arrives!


Classic MaMa said...

Ok. I'm tired just reading all the activities for the day and I didn't even do anything, nor am I pregnant. Big time kudos to you and Dawson for being the parents of three boys!!

Thrills said...

Sounds like a fun and exhausting day!

The Gang's All Here! said...

Sounds like fun! We are so blessed to have my family near by and we do some of that too. Although, reading your post, I'm feeling like we could and should be more intentional about it. Usually it's between just me and my sister, for errands and grocery shopping during the day. Making it a planned event for the purpose of time together as a couple would be so much more beneficial in the long run - for all involved! I'm on a mission now :)

TCC said...

You totally blessed us...especially with what was unplanned for this week.

We look forward to having Brady over too. Pretty soon it will be FOUR!