Monday, January 21, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football???

I know that my family is!

Yesterday was an awesome day of football - the Giants and the Patriots BOTH WON and are going to the Superbowl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why am I SO excited about this big game???

Well, I grew up on Long Island and grew up as a Giants fan - my sister and I learned to understand the game of football because we would watch it with my dad just about every week. He made it easy to understand the basics of it, and I just really enjoyed watching it!

In 2002, I married the love of my life who happened to grow up in New Hampshire and thus was a Patriots fan. I have to admit, the Patriots are now my #1 team and the Giants are my #2 team. Why the switch? Well, the Patriots are not a rival of the Giants (like the Eagles are - I am NOT an Eagles fan at all!), I enjoy routing for the same team as my hunny, and they are a fun team to watch play.

I am SO looking forward to this Superbowl!

Who am I routing for?

Well, the Patriots of course...but if the Giants win I will be happy too.

So, I guess it is a win-win situation for me! :)

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