Monday, January 28, 2008

My Sweet Brady

When I went to get Brady from his nap today...

...wait, he took a 10 minute nap in Grammie's car, which I guess meant to him that he already took his nap, so he just stayed in his crib for over an hour and a half talking and reading his books - no nap for him...and he really did well the rest of the evening.

Anyway, where was I...oh yea, this is really cute...

I went in to get Brady from his alone time (A.K.A. non-nap) and this is what he said to me:

"love Barber"


"love TCC"


"love Simms"


"love Jeter"

I thought that was SO ADORABLE! He had to list everyone in my sister's family, and tell me that he loves each one of them! I thought that was the cutest thing - especially since he has not seen them since last week! That was the first thing that was on his mind and he wanted to share it with his mommy. I was glad that I was able to hear it and to share it with you, and if course my sis, TCC. I bet she has a great big smile on her face right now! :)


TCC said...

Oh yes! Huge smile on my face and tears in my eyes. Oh my - how I love love love my dear sweet nephew Brady!

I'm just going to have to figure out when we can come over and see him again real soon (you too!) and then he can tell me how much he loves me in person!

NO nap! Silly boy.

Livin' Life said...

Good thinking about just letting him have down time in the crib. Hope all is going well. You have such a blessed family!!!