Friday, January 4, 2008

New Keys, A Lion, and Other Goodies

Today, I drove Dawson to work so that I could run a few errands. Let's just say that the Lord was with me throughout the day and really blessed me!

After dropping Dawson off, I drove to my parents' house - to see if Mom wanted to accompany Brady and me on my errands. Well, when I arrived, they were just getting up (oh, the life of retirement! They deserve it!). So, we stayed for breakfast - which was great!!! I had not had time to eat before we left! My Mom had to do some errands too, so I asked Dad/Poppy if he would be willing to watch Brady! He said "sure"! They both had a great time together - Poppy even had to change a poopy diaper, feed him lunch and put him down for a nap! He is the best Poppy!

So, Mom and I headed off to complete our errands. The first thing that I needed to do was to get some new keys made for our car. You see, our power locks will sometimes lock on their own when the driver's side door closes. That is not always a big deal, except when the car is running and your not even one year old is strapped into his car seat! Yes, that happened over a year ago - thankfully, AAA came very quickly to our aid! It is also a big deal when the car is warming up and you go out of the car to scrape the snow off, only to find out that you are locked out with the car running. Initially AAA said that they could not rescue my husband for about an hour! (this happened within the last month) So, when he called and told me that, Brady and I prayed, and AAA was there within 10 minutes! God is SO good! Anyway, we brought it to the dealership to have it checked out and fixed, but they said that we should wait until it gets worse so that they do not have to charge us crazy amounts of $$ to have them try to find out the problem, because it is not an all the time occurrence...

So, today I went to the dealership to have 4 keys made up - so that we can have one on us at all times besides the one that it in the car. The guy told me that the keys would cost about $7-8 per key! (GULP!) So, I was telling this guy why I needed that many keys. He suggested that I go to a place that makes keys. I had tried Home Depot before and they could not duplicate the key, but I had not thought of one of the key shops. Anyway, we went to a key shop and the keys that they made worked perfectly and they only charged $2.50 per key! So, I was able to get all four keys for $10.60 instead of $32! God is so good!

Another place that we needed to go was Michael's. My mom had to return a few items. While we were there, I looked around at some things for Brady's birthday party (which will probably not happen until February). His theme is going to be wild animals. I was looking for a cake pan and they had a lion cake pan - it was originally $10.99 and it was on clearance for $9.00 - big whoop dee doo (I thought)! It did not have the original photo attached to it any longer and I would have to look that up on the Internet, so I decided to ask if they would be able to give me a better discount that $2 off - there were other cake pans there that were on clearance and it was a true clearance price! I really did not expect the lady to give me a deal, and was completely surprised when she said, "Sure, I will give you 50% off of that price"! I was blown away by that! So, I was able to purchase this cake pan for $4.50! I am still excited about that!

Then, when I was driving to pick Dawson up from work, I decided to listen to the radio. When I initially turned it on, it was on talk radio - obviously my hubby was the last one to listen to the radio. There were just commercials on at that point, so I tuned in to the Christian station. The DJ was talking about how they are going to focus on one name a day and read from this new book that came out recently (cannot remember the name of it), that tells the name and gives a Bible verse, etc. I thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool if they had Baby #2's name as the name of the day... when they announced the name of the day, I felt like it was even more confirmation that we did hear from the Lord as to what his name should be, because it was baby #2's name! I was blown away!

Today was a very busy day for me, but God's hand was truly upon all that I was doing. Thank you, Lord!

On another note...I seem to be getting more contractions throughout the day, but I have not been timing or anything like that - it just does not seem like they are coming that often yet! I (or my sis) will keep you posted!

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