Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sleeping Through The Night!

No, I am not talking about my 3 week old or myself for that matter. I am talking about my two year old son, Brady.

This past weekend, he had a fever on Friday and Saturday nights, and would wake up crying and sweating about 5 or so times during the night. He was fine in the morning, but after his nap, he was feverish and lethargic - I think it is from his two year molars trying to grown in. So, one of the nights, after I finished feeding the baby, Brady started to cry and then I went in with him for a few minutes - to calm him down, give him a drink of water and get him settled in bed again. This was pretty bad those first two nights. Sunday was a little better. He would wake up, but we did not have to take him out of his crib, he settled down while in his crib and he was not sweating so much.

Then, it happened! Last night, he slept through the entire night again! PTL!!! I was very excited about that, especially since he has been sleeping at least 11 hours each night since 15 weeks old! I did not want this waking up in the night to become a habit, and thank the Lord, it has not.

So, now we will wait and see when our precious little baby will extend his sleep during the night. He has done a 6 hour stretch once, but he has mainly been consistent with a four hour stretch at night.

Speaking of the baby, it is time to go and feed him!


Livin' Life said...

First of all I love, love the new look!! I am glad to hear everyone seems to be settling down. It is always such a tremendous feeling when you are blessed with these little miracles.

Melissa said...

PTL, but what is sleeping through the night?

I guess my body never returned to normal or I have my "mommy ears" constantly tuned because I have yet to sleep through an entire night (even away from the kids)since I gave birth almost 12 years ago!

Although, at least I get to go back to sleep after I wake up (unless you count letting the dumb dog out in the middle of the night!).

Dawson said...

I like the new look.

TCC said...

Woo hoo!

Love the new layout! So pretty. :)

The Gang's All Here! said...

Glad to hear the little guy is on the mend.

And LOVE the new template - so pretty! Did you get it from somewhere, or did you have it made? I'm getting antsy with mine, but am soooooo non-technical, I've not started the search for a new one yet! Just another thing to tackle on my TO DO lists :)

Thrills said...

How awful! I know when I was getting up with a newborn, the last thing I wanted was having to get up with Princess. I'm glad Brady is feeling better and sleeping for you again.

BTW - I love your new layout. It makes me ready for spring.