Sunday, April 13, 2008

From the Mouth of Brady

Today, Brady said some really cute and funny things, and I thought that I would share them:

We decided to go for a walk this afternoon, and since it was a little chilly out, Dawson put on his red and black fleece - I have not seen this fleece this whole winter and neither has Brady. Brady looked at Dawson and said:

"Daddy, look cute!"

This made both of us giggle.

When we were in the family room today, Brady looked over at my scrapbooks and then asked me:

"Look (at) Mommy's Crapbook?"

This made me giggle too - and I joked around with Dawson saying, "I did not think that my scrapping came out that bad!"

Our little Brady is a cutie pie!

He is also learning that his 3 month old brother cannot play catch with him! Thankfully, the ball did not hit the lil' guy too hard, and Daddy was there to block it!


Thrills said...

oh, how I love what they say. It is so much fun listening to a 2-year-old talk.

Livin' Life said...

That is so sweet. You truly have a cutie. My boys tried to share their tractors with Drama King when he was born. We caught them driving the tractors across his little face.:)

He's trying to be the big brother!

Becoming Me said...