Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Fun Birthday

Things have been a little busy around here, and I have not had the time to write anything about my birthday! The only thing that I did get to write about was a giveaway that ends tomorrow. Even if you are not interested in can still win a free Bloomin' Onion! So, head over here and leave a comment!

Ok, back to my birthday!

The boys and I spent the day at my parents, and my sister and Barber were there also. We had a really nice time together. My mom made chicken salad that was placed inside a ring of cantaloupe. It was delicious! Then we made ice cream sundaes for dessert - Brady and Barber really enjoyed them! So did I! We had Turkey Hill's Eagle's touchdown Sundae flavor - that is my favorite ice cream!

I went home briefly because I was expecting a delivery and it was there! You may remember that I was going to receive a replacement bouquet of flowers from ProFlowers, since one of the flowers never opened up from Valentine's day. Today, I received a beautiful bouquet of pink long stem roses! They were gorgeous - in fact they are still on my dining room table. They are in full bloom right now, but they still look nice. I have come to realize that I like red roses the best so far though. Pink is pretty, but red is more "me" I suppose!

Dawson picked us up and we headed out to Damon's for dinner (they send you a coupon for a free dinner on your birthday when you sign up for their emails). Brady was a really good boy and our Lil' Guy relaxed and slept the whole time! It was great! After dinner, I headed over to get my free Maggie Moos ice cream! YUM! Another freebie on your birthday! It was a relaxing evening and we had fun together as a family.

Dawson ordered me some presents, and they actually did not arrive until yesterday, but it was worth the wait! He gave me the movie Pride and Prejudice - I love it!!! That is definitely one of my favorite movies! (I will be getting around to that meme that Classic Mama tagged me for...this will be one of my favorites!) He also gave me three books: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Persuasion - all by Jane Austen! I am looking forward to reading them - especially to see how close the movies are to the books! Now, I just have to find some time to read the books!

Dawson says that there is one more present that is coming through the mail...we will see what it is! How fun! My birthday keeps on going! :) My family is so special to me, and I am blessed that the Lord has given each of them to me!


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad your family made it a very special day for you!

BTW, you did a wonderful job filling in for TCC the other day at MIA! Did I use enough initials in that last sentence??

Livin' Life said...

Happy belated Birthday!! I love Jane Austin too. My all time favorite is Persuasion. My Knight loves, loves Pride and Prejudice just don't let that get out!!! :)

Rhonda said...

Happy Birthday!!! How fun to have a birthday that just keeps on going.