Thursday, April 3, 2008

Go God!

When I picked up the mail from the mailbox a few moments ago, I saw a letter with the return address of a former student. He is now a junior in college (time sure does fly by!), and his family lives on the same road as us.

This student was not one of my "enjoyable" ones - he was not the "worst" either. He definitely was one of those that liked to test the waters - and would say a "smart" comment here and there. I had him in 9th grade homeroom, 11th grade honors chemistry and then a chemistry elective in his senior year. He definitely was one that I did not expect to really hear from again - a hi here and there in passing, but that was probably it.

Well, this letter brought tears of joy to my eyes. He is going to a state university and he wrote in the letter that he has found Christ while attending there! Thank you Lord!!! He is involved in a Christian group called The Navigators and is going to get involved with them during this summer - this is a group that has encouraged him in his walk with the Lord and he wants to help others also. He remembered that I was a Christian and thought that I would be interested in knowing what he was up to and how he was going to serve the kingdom of God.

I am so excited that he has become a Christian and he is doing his part to "know Christ and make Him known" - that is the slogan that the Navigators use. I am looking forward to talking with him when he returns from college - to see what God has been doing in his life.

God is so good!


TCC said...

Totally awesome!

The Gang's All Here! said...

Very cool! The fact that he remembered you are a Christian says so much about how you lived your life and carried yourself in the classroom. What a blessing!!!!

Becoming Me said...

That is fabulous. Wow and you must have made such an impact for the kingdom!

samismom22 said...

That is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! Since hubby and I both teach in the community in which we live, on occasion we here things like that, and it always makes our day.
I agree with "the gang's all here!", the fact that he remembered you says much about how you lived your life at school.
"know Christ and make Him known!!"

Livin' Life said...

That is so incredible! Your work still continues on in their lives.