Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some Freebies For You

There are quite a few blogs that I check out that let me know about samples that I can sign up for and how to get free items. I LOVE FREE items! If a company wants to give me something and I don't mind trying the product out, I am all over that!

There are a couple that I wanted to let you know about:

1. Totally Toddler Stain Remover FREE
Go here to find out how you can get a 24oz. bottle of Totally Toddler Stain Remover FREE! I love this stuff - it is great at getting just about any stains out - especially spit up, which my lil' guy is a pro at doing...lots and lots of spit up every day! I am looking forward to getting my free bottle, and I am hoping that my Giant will carry it soon!

2. FREE Scotch Brite toilet bowl cleaner starter kit
Go here to print out a coupon for a free Scotch Brite toilet bowl cleaner. The coupon that prints out says one coupon per purchase, so I printed out a few of these coupons so that I can get one each time I go to the store - I already have 2!

3. Lowes coupon
If you use a VISA card, go here to sign up for a coupon to be emailed to you for a $10 off a $25 or more purchase. That sounds GREAT to me! I signed up for it tonight and I already got it! Hooray!

I hope that one of these will work for you!

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The Gang's All Here! said...

Thanks for the tip - I've got my eye on a pair of curtains there for my newly decorated bedroom, and this would help!!