Thursday, June 5, 2008

Love Your Neighbor

I don't like to weed - it is not really fun, but Thursday night was different.

I hate weeds. I know that hate is a very strong word, but I think that I correctly used it in this instance. I don't like to look at them and they really take the beauty away from our flower gardens and other landscaping. I have not really had the chance to do ANY weeding in our yard...until Thursday night...and boy does our yard need it!!!

I decided to start weeding in the front of the house, because the weeds were not as bad as the back yard. As I started to weed, I suddenly hear a friendly voice start talking to was my next-door-neighbor! I thought that she was just coming over to talk, but then when I looked at her, I realized that she brought a bucket, tools and gloves! She came over to help me weed. Let me say that again...she came to HELP ME WEED!!! HOORAY!

That was a huge surprise and it was such nice company too! We talked the whole time and got the front done, one side of the house (and it was not the side that faces her house!), and then a section of the backyard...the worst section still needs to get done, but the sun went down and we had to stop weeding. We actually were weeding for a little bit with the flood lights on in the back!

On Friday, she surprised me with some flowers to plant in my front yard that she bought at Lowes! She was buying some for herself, so she decided to but me a few too! What a blessing!

I still cannot believe that she came to help me. She is definitely an answer to my prayers 2 1/2 years ago - we prayed that we would have great neighbors that we got along with, etc., and we get along with their whole family. They are so helpful and generous - they amaze me. It was really nice to get such a huge jump start on attacking those weeds. It made me feel like I will be able to get our outside looking nicer than it does at the moment - an almost 5 month old and a 2 year old can keep you busy!

I love my neighbor!


Krazy Klingers said...

Can you send her my way??? I am ashamed to admit this but I haven't weeded in 2 years. It looks awful and I just don't have time to do it. Maybe in a few weeks... or next year!

samismom22 said...

Wow that is so nice. People are so busy these days and I don't think people get to know their neighbors like they used to. I think that is so cool that she came to help you.