Friday, June 27, 2008

Firsts For Me

Yesterday, I experienced some firsts because Dawson had to work late.

I borrowed my parents' car and loaded up both boys, by myself, and went to the chiro! It was the first time that I had gone anywhere by myself with the boys (besides a walk). I just have not had the opportunity to. I have to say that I did pretty well, and I am very thankful that Brady is a great listener and helper too!

Since Dawson was working late, I also had to put both boys to bed - this was a little tricky and I have to say that I did not enjoy it. The baby will not nurse with someone else in the see, that person is so interesting so he would rather look at them. So, I set up Brady with some Cheerios, grapes, milk and the movie Cars. I figured that all of those items would keep him busy while I nursed the little guy and put him to bed. The baby did not get in his whole feeding, but would not drink anymore, so he went into the crib and then cried because he would keep flipping on to his stomach and he has not learned how to flip back (he actually is a side sleeper a lot of the time).

So, it kind of went like this, get Brady's teeth brushed, go in and flip the baby over, change Brady, flip the baby over, get a book for Brady to read...ok, I am going to try and nurse the baby a little bit more!!! So, I went in and he nursed for a while longer. I had to sequester Brady into the hallway (and he was not allowed to talk or laugh - b/c that would get the baby's attention and he would quickly detach - OUCH!) or he was allowed to go into his room.

Finally, Brady went into his room and I finished nursing the baby while hearing things falling in Brady's room (Oh, Lord, what am I going to find!). So, the baby got full, I put him in his crib, he smiled and eventually drifted off to sleep. Then, it was time to finish up with Brady.

I went into his room and found him building towers with his blocks - phew!! So, I changed Brady's diaper, we read a book together, and he went to sleep very easily also.

I made it through it, but it took about 2 hours! I could not believe it! Where did that time go! I so appreciate Dawson's help with putting Brady to sleep!


Livin' Life said...

I am glad to hear things went well. it can be really overwhelming. When Shaggy and Rocker were real little Scott worked two jobs. I remember those nights and days. You have an amazing family though.

I loved the post about indigo and violet. That's pretty darn amazing he can remember those colors/terms.

TCC said...

Go you! I knew about the chiro situation and was excited for you regarding that...but I didn't know about bedtime.

I'm not surprised about how long it took because this is the first time you did it. If you had to do it more often the boys would understand the routine and it would go faster. I do have to admit though sometimes when Simms works late I take more time with the boys.

Heather said...

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