Tuesday, June 3, 2008

SANDwiches, Elephant and Paper Towels

What do SANDwiches, Elephants and Paper Towels have in common...Brady has had something to do with all three!

On Sunday, we were over a friend's house for a bar-b-q with our Life Group. They have an awesome swing set with a slide and a sand area...and Brady was enjoying playing in the sand a lot! At one point he was laying on his belly in the sand and I was wondering, is he putting his mouth in it? However, I dismissed it, until he came over to me with his hand covered in sand and he was trying to get sand out of his mouth - but was really just putting more in! I had to laugh, I guess he wanted to know what a real SANDwich tasted like! It brought me back to my beach going days (when I lived on Long Island) - you always ended up with some sand in your mouth, however, I don't remember intentionally eating it! He was COVERED in sand, but he had a lot of fun! The bath took most of the sand off of him...there was still some left in his hair, but that has come out since then.

Last night, I put a wide headband in my hair before I went in to kiss Brady goodnight. When I walked in, he said "Mommy, you look like elephant"! I was trying to find the compliment in that, but I was happy that he was pointing at my head/hair and not my body! I had to hold in my chuckle a little bit while I asked him what he meant. He pointed at my hair and said something about me looking like an elephant. So, I guess my hair was sticking out a little bit and it looked like elephant ears??? I really have no idea, but it made me laugh. I was going out to CVS right after that, so I decided to change my headband to the thinner one that I was wearing earlier in the day - I did not want to continue to look like an elephant while I went shopping! :)

Today, I had a friend over and her little son suddenly spit up all over her! Poor little guy - and poor mommy too! So, I went and got some paper towels to clean up my friend's shirt and jeans - he got her good! (Thankfully, he seemed better within the following hour). I brought a roll of paper towel from the kitchen into the family room...and I left it on the couch - what was I thinking!!! My friend, her son, and my little guy went into the living room - Brady was going back and forth in between the living room and family room, and then he was suddenly quiet. Then I heard what sounded like tearing or something like that. I called to him, but then decided to go and see what he was up to. I was greeted by yards of paper towel - all over the family room and in the hallway! I could not believe it! I actually had to laugh - who needs a dog when you have a two year old! It was really harmless and did make me laugh a little bit, but I had to get serious so that I could let Brady know that what he did was wrong and not to do it again...but it was amusing in some way! I just could not believe that he did that! He is such a curious boy - I love the curiosity, but I know that it is something that I will have to direct!

I love both of my boys - they are so precious and I love being Mommy too - even when I have to clean up a whole roll of paper towel! (I just do not want that repeated again - then, it would not be that funny anymore!).

BTW - I had fun with the title of my post, "And Then There Were Three" - hee, hee, hee! I was hoping to "get" a few of you with that! Thanks for enjoying my humor! :)

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