Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wondering Where I've Been?

There are so many posts that have been spinning around in my head, but I have not really had much time by the computer these days. You see, my sister had a little fall at my house and sprained her ankle, which you can read about here - so, I have been helping her out this week at her house.

I have really missed hanging out with my sister for the past few months - and I think that she has been missing me too. I have been going over to her house every day so that she can rest her ankle while I make sure that everyone is fed, hydrated, and help with whatever I am able to when I am not tending to my boys' naps or play time with the baby.

I have to say that I do understand why Carol Brady had Alice as her house keeper (on the show the Brady Bunch - did I just show my age there?) - I could not imagine having six children! (Right now, I cannot imagine having three!) :) Taking care of four children (one being 6 months old) has kept me very busy! It has not been all work - I have been having some fun too!

It has been fun to see my sister everyday and I really have not minded making the meals. She really needs to take it easy so that her ankle will heal quickly! I have sort of felt like a second mom to my nephews - but, that is actually not a new feeling. We are a very close family and when they were over our house on Sunday (they slept over night while my sis and Simms went to the ER), Jeter and Barber said that they felt like I was their mom, Dawson was their dad and that their cousins were like their brothers. I think that is cool - it made me feel special! I know that my boys will feel the same way about TCC and Simms.

So, what will I be up to the rest of this week?

Well, I will continue to go and help my sister out - Brady LOVES playing with his cousins everyday! I think that he is going to have withdrawal when we do not go over there as frequently!

I think that I will also visit my local Kmart again. They have an awesome deal on General Mills cereals - even if you do not have coupons! However, if you do have coupons, it makes the deal even sweeter! When you buy 4 boxes of GM cereal (the types that are included in the deal are posted, and it is just about all of them - at least the ones that I wanted to buy!), the prices will ring up as $2.49/box, but then $4.00 will instantly be taken off at the register, making it $1.49/box. I did two transactions the other day (they have to be separate) and in one of them, I had all $1 off one box - so, I spent $1.96 for 4 boxes of cereal! I have more coupons that I am getting together so that I can load up on cereal! I am going to work something out so that my sister can also cash in on the deal, even though she cannot go there herself - maybe I will take my mom with me tomorrow night!

Well, it is off to bed for me soon! I will be taking care of four boys plus one more (my sis)!


TCC said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You have been a tremendous blessing to me. One of the greatest gifts you gave me is not giving me the option to say "no, it's okay, I can handle it."

Thrills said...

You are an awesome sister!

Livin' Life said...

You have an awesome family. I hope my boys are as close as you guys are even if they are boys.

We are praying for your sis and you.