Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thump, Thump, Thump

This past week, Brady has experienced a few falls, and I have heard more "thumps" than I would really like to. There were a total of three experiences that he has last week.

The first incident took place in the middle of the night and it happened like this:

I heard a "thump" and then some crying. My initial response was to the crying, and I said to Dawson (who sprung up out of bed),

"Just turn him over."

Then, I really "came to" and realized that the crying was coming from Brady's room, not the baby's room. The baby will sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and cry because he has rolled from his back or side on to his belly and he has not learned to roll over the other way yet. So, sometimes, I just have to go in and turn him over and he will fall back asleep.

However, Dawson found Brady at the foot of his bed. Somehow, he made his way down there in about 2 hours - I checked on him before we went to bed and actually moved him back on to his pillow, because he had done a "180". He was ok and quickly went back to sleep. That was the second time that he fell out of the bed since we moved him to the big boy bed (we do have a guard rail up, or he probably would have fallen out a lot more!).

The second and third incident happened on the same day - Thursday.

The second incident happened at our house. He was walking down the stairs and somehow tripped when he was on the second to last step and fell down - he was ok though. I popped out of the upstairs bathroom to see him laying on the stairs. I asked him if he was ok, and he said, "I ok, Mommy."

I have to say, "Praise the Lord for His angels of protection all around my family!"

The third incident happened later that day at my sister's house. I will post more on this tomorrow, or when I get a chance to sit at the computer again! To be continued...

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TCC said...

So thankful for God's protection over our lives and the lives of our children!

Without that, I really would be a wreck.