Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Third Thump...

As I was saying here, there were three times that Brady fell last week, and I am so thankful that the Lord's angles are watching over my children (and me too!).

The third incident happened at my sister's house before Brady took a nap. Thursday was a little bit of a "crazy" day at my sister's house. We had a visit from a friend that we both used to teach with, a visit from Thrills, and a visit from our mom (she was the only visitor that was present for the incident). It was really nice to see all of those people and I got to visit with them a little bit, however, I also needed to be sure that I was keeping things on schedule - the baby's nap (and having to turn him over a few times after he rolled on to his belly - I keep reminding myself that he will soon learn to roll all over the place, and then I will not have to "save" him from too much belly time!), making lunch for everyone, getting the frozen chicken into the crockpot for dinner, and getting Brady down for a nap! I felt like there were too many things that needed to be done all at the same time...but, they needed to be done!

So, the baby was sleeping, but was scheduled to be up soon to take his nap, and I HAD to get the chicken into the crockpot to cook, so, I was giving Brady a little more play time. He and Jeter went upstairs to get a toy, and then I heard:

Thump, thump, "Brady's falling", Thump, "down the stairs", Thump - and some crying.

I threw the Clorox wipe that I was using into the sink and ran while yelling, "Oh, my God!" When my mom and I reached the stairs, Brady stopped rolling down the stairs and did not hit the bottom of the flight of stairs, which would have been onto a tile floor. I believe that angels were protecting him.

I quickly scooped him up into my arms and calmed him down and then asked him if anything hurt. He said that his head hurt - I am sure that he banged it while rolling down half of the flight of stairs. So, I had my mom hold him in her lap while I washed my hands (just in case there was any of the Clorox wipe mixture still on my hands - I did not care initially, but now was a good time to quickly wash!). We got out an ice pack for him, which he used for maybe one minute - it was worth a try! He likes to look at and touch the ice pack, but he does not like it on him.

My sister asked if I wanted to give him some Tylenol, I said sure and while she was pouring it, Brady said, "Mommy, (may I) have some Tylenol to make me feel better?" (he really likes the flavor of Tylenol). I said sure, he drank it down, asked for more (but was declined, as usual) and about a minute later he said, "I feel better. I want (to) play."

I first took him back into my arms, and checked him out a little bit - no blood, no cuts, I did not feel any lumps anywhere either. Praise the Lord!

I have to say that although I was initially alarmed, I did sense peace from the Lord right away. Thank you Lord for watching over my son, especially when I am not able to!

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TCC said...

Maybe Brady was feeling empathy for his Aunt?

So kidding...

Knowing that He is watching over our children is the only reason why I am able to release them - to go to school, to play sports, etc.