Saturday, July 12, 2008

A New Stylist

Dawson and I need to find a new hair stylist. One of our friends was cutting our hair, but she is taking a break from cutting hair. So we are trying to find someone else that will do a great job on our hair, with a low price, that is not too far away from where we live (you have to factor in gas prices too - or plan another errand that way, which is not always easy with a nursing infant). That is not always an easy thing to find.

So, Dawson is currently at a new to us hair place, getting his "hairs trimmed", as he likes to say. His hair is not always the easiest to cut correctly - and he will not even let me try to cut it using my mom's clippers and hair scissors. So, I am praying that it turns out well, and that he is pleased with it.

It will soon be my turn to try and find a place to get my hair cut too. I sort of know the style that I would like to have, but I am always tentative in going to a new place. I know that it is only hair and that it will grow back, but I would like to look beautiful with my new "do" and not funny.

I remember when I went to a new place once and I told her that I did not want a "bob", but I wanted it cut similar to the way that the stylist's hair was cut. So, guess how my hair looked when I left the place...a "bob"! Maybe I should have asked her who cut her hair, and went to that stylist!

So, my search will have to the meantime, I am glad that long hair looks okay on me!

Update: Dawson just got back, and the results are in! I think that he looks pretty handsome! (although I always think that!). There is one spot on his head where people have a hard time getting the cut right, and the guy that did it, did an ok will do for now! :)

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Sandy said...

I hate the haircut dilemma for all of us too. We had a wonderful place we all got haircuts at, but it just got to be too expensive. So I was thrilled when hubby got his $1,046 dollar haircut (you will have to check out my blog for that story). I just bought clippers at Wal Mart on Monday and can now do his hair and my sons since he has a nice short cut for baseball. So cheap!! As for me.......I am still looking for someone! :)