Sunday, October 26, 2008

It Was Worth $18

Dawson and I do not normally go out to the movies. If I want to see a movie on a large screen TV, I can always go over to my parents' house and watch it on their large screen TV. Forking over $18 for two tickets is a little hard to swallow, but since we don't normally go out to the movies, I was fine with paying that amount of money and going to see the movie Fireproof. It was the best $18 that we spent!

I really enjoyed the movie and I highly recommend that you go to see the movie is you have not yet! You could even pay a little less than we did if you are able to catch a matinee! This is definitely a movie that deals with real life issues and has an awesome answer to help work through those issues...and it is not just a book. I think that I might purchase the book and go through the "Love Dare" with my husband. We are not estranged, but marriage is work, and if there is a tool out there to help bring us even closer to each other and God, why not try it out!

I will definitely buy the movie when it come out on DVD, and I am looking forward to the next movie that this church puts out!

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Livin' Life said...

We wanted to go too but just haven't had the time. I am glad it was good. I think I might look up that book too. sounds interesting.