Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Listening Ear

Today, we went to the library like we do every Wednesday (except when I was sick - I am feeling better now, thanks for asking and thanks to the antibiotics!). Everything was the same as usual - return the books and DVDs, find more books and DVDs to take out, check the books out...and then Brady gets a stamp on each hand (you know - a rubber stamp that gets inked up and then pressed onto your skin). He LOVES getting the stamps on his hands - he thinks that it is the greatest thing, and he does not like to wash his hands for the next day or so...however, he needs to, so we scrub lightly on the top of his hands.

Today, after he got the stamps on his hands, he said, "Look, Mommy, funny faces!" and he was laughing. I immediately got a check in my spirit, and THOUGHT to myself, "Oh, IS October...what type of Halloween stamp is it!" Well, Brady told me right away, "A pumpkin (a jack-o-lantern) and a Smiley face (just the face part of the jack-o-lantern). I just said, "oh, yes, a smiley face." We said goodbye to the librarian and left.

I thought to myself (prayed to God), what do I do? We do not celebrate Halloween, and I do not want Brady to think that these Halloween things are okay, but what should I do or say to him that is age appropriate. We have not talked with him about Halloween yet, and I was not really sure what to share with him yet about the truth of Halloween and why we do not celebrate it. Simple answer - it does not glorify or honor God.

Since I was not sure what I wanted to share with him yet, I decided that I would continue to seek God with what I should share with Brady. I didn't want to put any scary thoughts in his head but I also want him to know the truth. I knew that the stamps would wash off in a day or two, so I decided that I would not go "nuts" and insist to scrub them off...but, I was not happy about the stamps.

When we got home, it was nap time. I got Smiles down for a nap first, and then Brady and I went into his room, read 4 of the new books that we brought home from the library, and I tucked him into bed. At that moment, Brady looked at his hands and then looked at me and the following exchange took place:

B: Mommy, these are scary. I don't want them on my hands anymore

Me: Do you want Mommy to wash them off of your hands?

B: Yesh (his way of saying "yes")

Me: Are you sure that you want Mommy to wash them off (I just had to be sure)

B: Yesh, Mommy. I don't want to be scared, they scare me.

So, I grabbed a wipe and scrubbed a little at his hands (I really did not want him to get out of bed), but that was not doing the whole job. So, I got a washcloth and used soap and water to get the stamps off of his hands.

Since he expressed to me that he did not want to be scared, I prayed with him - that scary feelings would leave in Jesus' name, and that the peace of God would rest upon him. He was at peace and he had a great nap! I also encouraged him/thanked him for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and listening to Him...because it was the Holy Spirit that nudged him to say what he did to me. I have to say that I was blown away by all that took place - God is so good.

I was so thankful to the Lord for hearing my prayers and answering them, and I am so thankful that my son has an ear to hear and listen to God's voice - and then to act on it. God is good. He knows our hearts, hears our prayers and knows how precious and special our kids are to us...because they are special to Him too!


Tiffany said...

PRAISE GOD!!!! God is SO good. God, You are SO good. This story made my heart flutter.

Livin' Life said...

I always get so much grief at school regarding Halloween. Thankfully this year our Principal is a believer and he is giving parents the option of a half day so kids don't have to participate in the parade or parties.

It's great when God steps in to help us as moms. Ya got to love it!!!

Classic MaMa said...

What a great Mom you are! It was very wise not to make a big deal out of the stamps. I really think that we are the climate for our homes. If we freak out abotu something, then the kids will wonder what the big deal is and be curious about it. :) Yeah for you!

Melissa said...

I despise Halloween and try every year not to allow it to put a damper on the fall festivities. But, it is just about the ONLY thing kids talk about during school the entire month of October...and, my kids alternate between "sucking it up" and standing up for what they believe in. We have never trick or treated, but we do attend the local parades....I also send notes into school for the younger kids about what they are allowed and not allowed to participate in.

This was always the time of year I was relieved about when I home schooled! It is a good lesson about living "in" the world but not being "of" the world!

Melissa said...

Let me clarify my last comment in the event I implied that trick or treating was a terrible is really up to each family to know what is best. We evaluate it on a year-to-year basis and when it comes down to it, we just don't have a peace about it. Some people may find that they cannot go to a Halloween parade, where as we use it as an opportunity to connect with our community.

Just wanted to make that clearer!

Melissa said...

Yes, I'm stalking you.

I forgot to mention...GOOD JOB!! I was so busy rudely creating a post within you post I forgot to say Yippeee for Brady and the Holy Spirit working in him.

I'm really done now. No need to contact the Internet police to report my excessive commenting.