Sunday, October 5, 2008

Watch out World!

It is official! As of last Tuesday, Smiles began to crawl!

He has been rocking back and forth on his hands and knees for at least a few weeks...and then he decided to take off! On Tuesday, he would take about 2 crawls (each hand and each knee would advance) and then he would fall down and take a rest...and sometimes cry!

I had no idea how long it would take him to get the hang of it and start to get in to everything. It only took a few days! He crawls "slow", but he gets where he want to go - and it is so cute to watch. He looks like one of those little baby dolls that crawls slowly.

That is now all though! He has also learned how to go from his hands and knees and push back into a sitting position! SO CUTE!!! So, guess how I have found Smiles after a nap??? Sometimes on his hands and knees and sometimes sitting up - facing a corner, or in the middle of the crib, and the cutest position happened today. He was sitting up with his legs hanging through the slats of the crib! I so wish that I had my camera! Thankfully his legs are not chubby, so they easily slid back through. He just looked so cute...but, I have to wonder - how in the world did he get into that position?

He is also pulling himself onto his knees so that he can grab anything that might be on the couch, or just to climb into Mommy's lap! :)

So, I think that it will be time to break out the baby gates again! I have been really enjoying the freedom of no gates, however I will have to make the stairs "off limits" for now!

It is so much fun to watch my little guys grow and develop - and it is so amazing to think that my little Smiles turns 9 months old on Wednesday! My two boys are such precious gifts from the Lord, and I love them to pieces!


Trish said...

How awesome! Now he can conquer the world. :)

TCC said...

Guess who will be putting the saucer away and will have the baby gate ready to go?!? His Aunt!! Goodness, I miss my nephews.