Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Little Update

Things have been busy around here. I have not really had the time to blog, but there has been a lot going on - especially in Smiles' life (and in turn, mine!).

In the past three weeks, this is what has happened in Smiles' life (and no, it is not his birthday, like the bib states - it was just a clean bib that I grabbed!):

1. Crawling has begun - he is really good at it now, and loves going all around the house - today, he was attempting to get up the stairs!!! Sometimes, he goes a little too fast and does a "face plant" into the carpet - poor little guy! I always have him in my sight, in fact, I like to crawl around with him sometimes and chase him. He giggles a lot! I like to say, "Mommy's gonna get you!" and then I start to tickle him and he laughs and laughs! I love his laugh!

2. With crawling came pushing himself back into a sitting position. He looks so cute doing this - if you have not gathered, I think that most everything that he (and Brady) does is so cute.

3. His TWO bottom teeth have come through - within one week of each other! I think that the top teeth are going to come through any day too. I think that the teething has been bothering him a little bit - right before the teeth cane through, he would wake up around 2 or 3am crying. This is not normal for him. He sleeps around 12ish hours straight at night. So, I continue to pray that he would not have any pain or discomfort during this teething process.

4. Two days ago, he pulled himself up into the standing position - that was probably the third time that he has done that - but each time was spaced out quite a bit. Well, yesterday, he decided to become the expert on pulling himself up to the standing position - so that he can play with his leap frog table and the train table easier (before then, he would get himself up on his knees and play at each table). So, now he is enjoying keeping me on my toes and he is beginning to understand what "no" means.

My little Smiles has definitely been keeping me busy - it is so good though! I could tell that he has been wanting this freedom for a while, so it is fun to watch him explore our house in a new way.

Besides all of these wonderful things that he has been experiencing, he has also been a little constipated lately - to the point of crying and nothing coming out. That broke my heart! I really do not know what caused it, but mixing apple juice into his cereal and feeding him that three times a day helped to relieve him (and his mommy's heart strings too!).

Besides the happenings of Smiles, I have been trying to keep the computer off for a good portion of the day. When it is on, I am sort of drawn to it - to check on some blogs, check email, etc. - and that can tend to waste time that I could use to do other things like cooking, hanging with the kids, etc. So, that has probably been a major reason as to why I have not written a lot lately!

Other things going on with me:

1. I am so glad that I do not have a sinus infection any longer

2. I would like to go and see the movie Fireproof at the movie theater this weekend! Dawson and I wanted to go the weekend that it opened, but that is the weekend that I started to get, our date has been on hold for a little while now. It will be nice to get out of the house with my man! (I am not looking forward to paying the price for the ticket though - prices are so expensive!)

3. I have really been in the mood to cook and bake a lot - some of this has only gone as far as in my head though. Some of the dishes that I have been thinking about will eventually become reality...I just have to make the time to do it! :)

It is getting late and I need to go to bed! I will try to write more soon!

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