Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baking again!

Last night, I decided to lay down, in bed, for a few minutes...yea, ok...and then it was morning! I obviously needed to go to bed at 9pm, because I fell asleep so quickly and slept until morning - in my clothes! :)

Today I feel refreshed and I was ready to do some baking again! I LOVE to bake (and cook too), but time (and energy) is sometimes lacking! So, while Smiles was down for his morning nap, Brady and I go "to work" in the kitchen!

When I asked Brady if he wanted to help me bake in the kitchen, his answer was, "Let me get my stool first!" He was definitely ready to help me dump the ingredients in the bowl and then mix it up! He is a big help and it was fun spending time in the kitchen together.

What did we make? Banana muffins and two pumpkin pies! I actually did the pies by myself because Smiles was up and the two boys were gated out of the kitchen since the oven was on (that is more for Smiles' protection - Brady knows not to touch the oven).

I would like to bake some more and freeze what I have baked, but I need to tend to some other things right now. Baking will happen again soon!

Dinner is leftovers tonight, so I am done in the kitchen at the moment (well, I actually have to go and wash the dishes!). So, what are you baking or cooking today?


This Journey of Mine said...

I just baked 9 batches of choc chip banana muffins! I also made some chunky applesauce with apples that were going bad (given to me for free). And I bundled up 20 or so bags of bread for the freezer (that was given also given to me). This weekend I intend on making my mash potatoes and apple pies for Thanksgiving. I might also make some pumpkin bread up. PLUS - Emily is on her way down! Fun times!!

Hands-Free Heart said...

I love to bake, and I also like to share the baking fun with my boys at times.

This is my first week as a full-time out of the home mom, but I managed (without boys' help) to whip out some homemade chocolate chip cookies this evening while the boys took their bath in the bathroom right next to the kitchen. They were so excited to smell the cookies baking when they were getting dressed.

I've been requested to bring an apple-caramel cheesecake to Thanksgiving dinner this year, so I'll be baking that next week.