Friday, November 21, 2008


About a year or ago, I started to sing Brady a lullaby. I made up the words and used the tune of the basic Lullaby song.

After Dawson finishes getting Brady ready for bed, I come into the room and sit on the end of his bed. Brady climbs into my lap and then I sing two songs to him, our Lullaby and Jesus Loves Me. Then Dawson sings, I Am a Promise (while holding Brady), and then he is put into bed and we finish with prayers and lots of hugs and kisses (and sometimes some tickles too - I just can't help myself sometimes!).

The other night, I had to go out for a little while - Smiles was in bed already, but Brady was not. While Brady was getting ready for bed, Smiles woke up crying - so, Daddy went in to check on him and Brady tagged along. Smiles had a burp, but before Daddy could put Smiles back in his crib, Brady wanted to also burp him - so he did this while sitting on the glider, and then he sang the Lullaby song to his brother! Dawson told me that it was so sweet! Brady put in Smiles name where his name usually is and sang his little heart out.

Yesterday, Brady came upstairs with me while I was putting Smiles down for his nap - as we were leaving the room, Brady said, "I have to pray for him." So, he went back into the room and prayed for Smiles' nap and then, he sang the Lullaby to him while holding his hand! It was so sweet and I was so blessed that I could watch the love pour from one brother to the other - and of course it was returned with a huge smile!


This Journey of Mine said...


That is awesome! Brothers for life... that is what I teach my boys all the time. And when I see things like what Brady did for Smiles, I know in my heart that God is accomplishing what is so important to me, that they will be brothers for life!


TCC said...

So great! You know this is so important to me and my boys too.

I just wanted to note, the love so easily pours out of Brady because you and Dawson purposefully pour into him. It's all he knows.

You guys are awesome!

Hope you enjoyed the treats...preview of more to come!

Hands-Free Heart said...

This was so sweet! I love it when I see that tender love from elder son to younger (and occasionally now from younger to elder).

Sandy said...

Such sweet and tender moments. It's so neat that you have a record (your blog) of all these sweet and dear moments. :)