Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Baby Announcements and Bread Making

This past Saturday, MIA at our church hosted a "Super Saturday" event. It was held from 9-3, sandwiches and drinks were provided, and no kids were allowed! So, what did we do there? Well, it was a day where you could come and catch up on something that you have been wanting to do - paint your nails, talk with friends, make cards, scrapbook, crochet, or whatever you little heart desired!

My husband was so gracious and did not mind that I left him home all day with our cute little son. I know that this was a sacrifice, because we have so many house projects that we need to work on - so, I was so thankful that he "let" me go! I love you, Hunny!

So, I decided to work on the birth announcements for baby #2. I have never really made cards before, so I did not really realize how long it would take to do everything involved! So, the things that I did get done are as follows:
1. Cut out the paper for the main card
2. Cut out two sizes of paper for what I am going to stamp on the front
3. Began to stamp the background for the front of the card
That is all that I got done! I could not believe that it took me that long - yes, I did take two little breaks and I was talking a little bit, but I was also working very diligently!

So, what I still need to do is:
1. Complete stamping the background front of the cards
2. Add ribbon to the front
3. Stamp/color the teddy for the front
4. Cut out paper for the inside
5. Stamp the inside stuff
6. Add two other things to the inside: parents and brother's names and a Bible verse.

LOTS to do, but it is fun. I know that I cannot procrastinate with this! I HAVE to get this done soon!

Something else that I need to work on is our Christmas newsletter. My goal is to have it completed by Thanksgiving (or the week before). I will just leave a section of it blank so that I can write something about the baby when he is born...so, it might actually be a New Year's letter! My plan is to send that with the announcements (save on postage!).

So, that is what I have been up to recently. Other things have been on my mind - but have not been up to blogging a whole big bunch.

Oh, one other thing that I did last week was to make 4 small loaves of French bread. I used the breadmaker for the kneading and rising, but then I took the dough out and I did a little more kneading, shaped it, let it rise one last time, and then baked it (only took about 15 minuted to bake!). I was a little tentative to do something like that initially, but it was really fun and gave me confidence to try something else like that! Something that I REALLY want to make are cinnamon buns - I know that they are not that healthy, but they are REALLY YUMMY! So, I will have to put that on my "to do" list!


Melissa said...

How sweet for you to work so hard on your announcements! That's seems like such a "first born" thing to do! Although, come to think of it, I made #2's birth announcements, but I don't even think we had any at all for #3! We just sent an email!

I'll bet they'll turn out beautiful when you're all finished!

Thrills said...

Sounds like you could use another "Super Saturday"

The Gang's All Here! said...

You sound so diligent. I read this and thought: "Oh no, we haven't even thought about Christmas letters!" And pictures for the letters? Ha - I can't get all 6 of us to sit together still enough long enough with this pace lately. Good for you - I'm sure the announcements will be gorgeous and the letter wonderful! I was thinking about all of you on Saturday a.m., missing the idea of hanging out together while I was moving basket after basket and cutting fabric for displays at our auction.